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The Haunting of Donan Castle
The Haunting of Donan Castle
The Haunting of Donan Castle
Ebook351 pages5 hours

The Haunting of Donan Castle

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About this ebook

Lord Nicholas Carlyle loved his wife Isobel in life and in the after life. He dedicated his life to finding out how and why she died. Set in the 1600's and in present day we uncover centuries old tales of love, lies and corruption. Was Lord Carlyle right and Isobel was murdered or was it suicide as it seemed? Centuries later all will be revealed as the secrets of Donan Castle are unlocked.
Set in the 1600's we see Lord and Lady Carlyle beginning the new life together as the Master and Mistress of Donan castle. The castle was built as a wedding present by Lord Carlyle with every detail a tribute to her. But, Lady Carlyle never got to see the castle finished. Months after the birth of her daughter, Alexandra, Lady Carlyle fell into a deep depression as Lord Carlyle was sent back to the front lines to fight in the Scottish uprisings. With no word from him, she felt alone and scared and on a dark rainy night fell down the grand staircase of the castle to her death. But, was it suicide or murder? Centuries later the secrets of Donan castle will be revealed or will they? Will the new Mistress and Master of Donan castle reunite Lord and Lady Carlyle or will Donan castle still keep them apart in death as in life?

PublisherKelli Burris
Release dateSep 18, 2016
The Haunting of Donan Castle

Kelli Burris

I have a degree in Teenage and Children's Lit by the Institute of Children's Lit. I received the Golden Poet Award in 1991 by the International Society of Poetry. Throughout the 1990's I won several national awards for poetry and I have several of them published. In 1995 I had my own book of poetry base of The Phantom of The Opera copyrighted and published. The Haunting of Donan Castle is my first novel.

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