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Love Story, in the Light of Law of Attraction: Soft & Effective Self-Help, #1
Love Story, in the Light of Law of Attraction: Soft & Effective Self-Help, #1
Love Story, in the Light of Law of Attraction: Soft & Effective Self-Help, #1
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Love Story, in the Light of Law of Attraction: Soft & Effective Self-Help, #1

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About this ebook

To all those who strive to find their soul mate and feel good in the process :)

When you're feeling like you love someone, but he doesn't feel the same, what do you do?

When you feel sometimes like all your life is in him and this relationship, and all the trying to convince yourself that you'll find it elsewhere, doesn't feel to you like the right direction to turn to, then what do you do?

When he turns you down, how do you maintain your feeling of worthiness?

When a relationship doesn't go the way you'd want to, how do you maintain and develop your feeling that you deserve and create with it having a relationship that would satisfy and excite you?

How do you come from someone who doesn't like you, to the one who does?

How a cooperation with Law of Attraction can help you to move along this path, and make it joyful, pleasant, delicious, satisfying? How can you practice it, in your day to day situations?

And in the other areas of your fulfilling life -

When your coworker, sitting next to the window in your room, insists to keep the room in the dark, how can you handle it in a way that is pleasant to you, how can you handle it from inside? and then witness a situation, when he behaves as if forgetting that he ever insisted on darkness?

When after an intensive transformative workshop you feel really good, how can you maintain the good feeling day after day after day?

When you wake up feeling bad, how can you change your mood to a delicious one?

How can you make your day feeling better?

If the author's answers to these questions interest you, then this book is for you, too. :)

The author speaks about her own journey with a passionate and challenging love story. She describes, how her use of Law of Attraction has helped her along the way.

She explains in this book, that was written initially as an email to her friend, what this "science of feeling good" is, and how she learned to apply it in different areas of her life: from the love, to health, to work, to sexual pleasure.

She brings up a lot of inspiring material that has helped her along the way, and her insights you might find speaking deeply to you, too.

In this book you will find both food for thought, and the support, that we sometimes so benefit from, when treading this path, when we choose to participate in this new, unknown, yet fulfilling and beautiful journey.

PublisherOlga Farber
Release dateAug 7, 2014
Love Story, in the Light of Law of Attraction: Soft & Effective Self-Help, #1

Olga Farber

Olga Farber is an author of very practical self-help guides. They are easy to read, easy to implement, and yet, have a powerful effect on improving life quality, day by day by day by day by day. :) Her tools are soft and subtle, and effective. Being an intuitive consultant and a coach, first never-endingly to herself, and then to her clients, she has a constantly updated pool of light-weight, feeling good exercises and simple mind tricks, that help one improve the mood right in the moment and improve the vibration to live a better-feeling life in more general. She loves people, and it shows. Let her love flow on you, too: choose the books she wrote for you, and delight in them. Happy reading! :)

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