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Family Secrets
Family Secrets
Family Secrets
Audiobook2 hours

Family Secrets

Written by Catherine Marshall and C. Archer

Narrated by Jaimee Draper

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

Christy waltzed with Doctor MacNeill in an enchanted moment. Suddenly the sharp sound of gunshots shattered the pleasant calm.  Bob Allen and many of the residents of Cutter Gap are upset because a black family has moved into the Cove. When a hostile shooting and a series of threatening incidents befalls the Washingtons, Christy steps in to help. But it's a clue in the Washington's family Bible that may hold the real key to peace and acceptance.

PublisherOasis Audio
Release dateJul 13, 2010
Family Secrets

Catherine Marshall

I was born in Yorkshire, England, one of five children. Mum was a Geordie, and Dad was a Yorkshireman, an interesting mix. We migrated to Australia in 1960 as ten-pound-poms. A biomedical scientist by profession, I'm now retired and living in Tasmania. I spend my time writing, researching my family tree and enjoying the company of my children and grandchildren. My books have been inspired by our family history, passed down through the many tales our parents told us – no doubt much embroidered but endlessly entertaining.

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