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The Little Llama Dreams of Space
The Little Llama Dreams of Space
The Little Llama Dreams of Space
Audiobook7 minutes

The Little Llama Dreams of Space

Written by Isla Wynter

Narrated by Tara K. Ross

Rating: 0 out of 5 stars


About this audiobook

Lila the little llama has read all about space, but she knows she'll never go there. That's until a dream lets her fly in a rocket, meet animals in space (including the famous Laika) and learn about constellations. Get ready for a truly amazing adventure!

A children's book about space, stars and friendship.

The Little Llama books can be read in any order and work as standalone books.

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PublisherPeryton Press
Release dateJul 19, 2020
The Little Llama Dreams of Space

Isla Wynter

​Isla Wynter lives in Scotland with two cuddly bunnies, three pot plants (it used to be four) and a horde of imaginary friends. She believes in unicorns and plans to one day convince the world of that fact. Until then, she continues to write stories for children and young adults.

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