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Dancing Night Hawk
Dancing Night Hawk
Dancing Night Hawk
Audiobook33 minutes

Dancing Night Hawk

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About this audiobook

Doctor Christopher Kaufman’s Audio Albums feature powerful original storytelling with cinematic orchestral music, professional voice acting and sound design.

Dancing Night Hawk is an epic tale inspired by Native American Myth. It tells the tale of young Dancing Night Hawk who must save the Ne’ne’me’kay’aa, the Thunderbirds who protect her village, from the Ma’ha’kuk, the evil Dragon Lords who hold the Ne’ne’me’kay’aa captive. 

Her grandfather, Tree Who Hugs The Clouds, guides her on her journey across the plains, through the land of giant trees and to the Ma’ha’kuk Niagra Fortress. Along the way, she meets Ya’Kwa’hey the magic bear who flies her across a mountain. At the end she takes the place of her grandmother, Eyes Of Fire, as medicine woman of her village.

Join Dancing Night Hawk on her terrific cinematic adventure! 

DNH features young artist Sofia Rose Kaufman as Dancing Night Hawk, and Christopher Kaufman’s accomplished musical score, voice acting and sound design.

Acquire the book if you wish, filled with colorful illustrations, at!

Release dateJan 1, 2021
Dancing Night Hawk

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