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Body and Soul
Body and Soul
Body and Soul
Audiobook6 hours

Body and Soul

Written by J.P. Smith

Narrated by Nick Tecosky

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

After fleeing to Paris to escape communist rule, Polish émigré and piano player Jerzy Wozzeck finds it nearly impossible to support his family on his low-paying bistro gigs. So when a friend offers a fat payoff for handling a string of deliveries, Jerzy quickly finds himself in the uneasy employ of an anonymous suit and his sensual assistant. With a couple of flawless jobs under his belt, Jerzy starts living the good life—until, on one such run, he stumbles across a corpse and realizes his benefactors will go to any lengths to protect their operations.

To ensure his loyalty, Jerzy’s patrons ply him with every possible temptation, from the purest drugs to the most willing women—and he begins selling his soul piece by piece to maintain his illusion of prosperity. But when rival crime lords and hit men enter the fray, Jerzy plots to escape his boss’s dirty dealings—only to discover he’s in too deep to get out alive.

Release dateNov 20, 2012
Body and Soul

J.P. Smith

J.P. Smith is the author of the novels The Man from Marseille, Body and Soul, The Discovery of Light, Breathless, and Airtight. His screenplay Chasing Daylight was a quarterfinalist for the Nicholl Fellowships. Smith was born in New York City and currently lives in Beverly Cove, Massachusetts, with his wife.

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