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‘A Young Man, Like Us’
A hundred thousand New Zealand men served abroad during World War I. Among them were 52 who had represented their country as All Blacks. One in four of that group lost their lives in the war – a higher mortality rate than that for New Zealand forces
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CAN ANYONE BE “NEURALLY ENTRAINED” with the halting, meandering, vacuous, abusive, repetitive speaking style of leading US orator, innovative communication pathfinder and soon-to-be presidential candidate Donald Trump? Thousands of people at once, ap
New Zealand Listener2 min read
Canary In The Coal Mine
WITH COVID-19, THERE IS STILL MUCH we don’t know. Why do some people seem to evade catching the virus while others get it every time a new subvariant sweeps through? What impact will postviral symptoms have on sufferers in the longer term? How far aw

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