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For whatever reason, I got to thinking about motorcycle colours the other day. I think it was to do with the Gold Star feature; specifically, why weren’t they finished gold? For 1938, BSA announced its new Gold Star, to run alongside/one rung above t
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Prospective Project Purchases
Although I have plenty of projects to keep me going, I always enjoy trolling through the classified adverts to see what’s out there. Over the years, I have noticed that they are changing. I suppose it’s inevitable, though I remember, as a teen, handi
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Guy Martin’s Best of British
There’s no point in trying to conduct a normal, structured interview with Guy Martin; his brain just doesn’t work that way. Renowned for his riding and engineering abilities, the hugely entertaining Lincolnshire man has also thrilled millions with hi
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AMC 500cc Heavyweight Singles
The AJS and Matchless Owners’ Club offers a full range of benefits to members, activities organised nationally, or by local sections, a monthly magazine, a spares scheme, an active website complete with a busy and knowledgeable forum. Via the club, w
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EDITOR James Robinson Tel 07739 615604 Fax 01507 371066 REGULAR CONTRIBUTORS Tim Britton, Alan Cathcart, Jonathan Hill, Roy Poynting, Richard Rosenthal, Martin Squires, Jerry Thurston, Alan Turner CONTRIBUTORS IN THIS ISSU
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Too Much Of A Good Thing?
Some people say you can never have too many motorcycles, while others (especially partners who can’t get their car in the garage) say you already have quite enough. Well, either might be true, because it surely depends on what you want from your bike
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Ready To Go
In our July 2023 edition, we carried a story and progress update about the ‘Great Northern Classics’ project, so it was interesting to return in late March 2024, to see the progress made, as the venue prepared for its impending opening. First, to rec
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News & Events
The International Classic MotorCycle Show, held at Staffordshire Showground is almost upon us. Being held over the weekend of April 20/21, star guest on the Sunday is TT racer and TV star Guy Martin, and to whet your appetite we’ve an interview with
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Self Help
In my editorial last month, I mentioned about the ride-to-work capabilities (or lack thereof ) of the BSA Gold Star. Well, although it suddenly doesn’t become an altogether easy proposition, the fitting of an electric starter, like on this one owned
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Hog On The High
The tribal warfare between Indian and Harley-Davidson, not only in the showroom stakes but on race tracks too, dates back to more than a century ago, when the Motor Company took the fight to its dominant Indian and Excelsior rivals (see following his
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Italian Finery
Over 20 years ago I was living and working in Italy, and as a fan and owner of Italian motorcycles, I’d always try and indulge my passion in any way I could. One weekend, I had to drive from Livorno, on the Tuscan coast, to Bologna, for a work opport
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Readers’ Letters
Werner Kassner enquired in Readers’ Letters, April 2024, for any history relating to a very attractive club badge in his possession. The Collector’s Club met monthly on Thursday evenings in the Fred Tallent Hall in Drummond Street, North West London.
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Better Foot Forward
I have a problem with British motorcycle footrests, in that they’re all positioned too far forward for my personal taste. Maybe it’s because of my trials-riding background – this is my 50th active year in the feet-up game – but I much prefer the foot
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Friends Reunited
In the 1960s, I spent several years as a humble copper in the Bristol police. Then, our motorcyclists rode Triumph Speed Twins and LE Velocettes – the infamous ‘Noddy bikes.’ The force bought their Triumphs in batches of four, one for each of the cit
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Make Or Break
Before looking at solid state regulation devices, the deficiencies of mechanical systems for ignition and electromagnetic types need considering. • It is difficult to manufacture the ignition cam, heel-to-contact points and required spring to a stand
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Good Do All Round
For the 2024 edition of this event, Best in Show winner was Paul Cann’s 1970 Yamaha YDS6B 250cc twin, a truly fabulous-looking machine, exquisitely detailed and beautifully presented, appearing on the VJMC Taunton and Bridgwater section’s stand – inc
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A True One-off
It was a chance viewing of the film ‘The World’s Fastest Indian’ one night that introduced me to the determined, obsessive and unique character of Burt Munro, the legendary record-breaking New Zealand motorcyclist. When my Kiwi bother-in-law told a s
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A Brief Chat With... The Norton OC
These days, the idea of a one-make club isn’t so unusual, but a few years ago the situation wasn’t so clear cut. In 1959, when the Norton Owners’ Club (NOC) was launched, the UK motorcycle world was a very different place. Then, the UK industry was f
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Taking The Reins
The caption on the reverse of this photograph reads: “The Roman Trica [sic]… Mechanised version…National meeting of motorcyclists in Lecco, 15-6-49. “History brought up to date as seen in this picture taken during the national meeting of motor cyclis
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Time Piece
This fabulous picture couldn’t be any more ‘Swinging Sixties’ if it tried, and that’s before the identity of its protagonists and where they were headed, is considered. From The Motor Cycle, June 2, 1966, the caption reads: “Chilly, but nice all the
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The Repair Shop
This lovely picture doesn’t appear with much of a story to it, simply captioned: “A travelling workshop catering for motorcyclists in the Plymouth district. These motor vans have been in service for the aid of the car owner for quite a long time, but
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News & Events
The countdown is now well and truly on, for what is still the blue riband event, certainly in the first half of the year, for classic enthusiasts – April Stafford. This year, the springtime extravaganza takes place on April 20/21, with, as ever, the
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Tyred And Emotional
It is early Saturday evening in the workshop and I have just finished a pleasant afternoon reassembling the motor for one of my little Puch Maxis. I won’t go into detail about the events that caused the strip down or detail the modifications I did to
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Velocette MSS – Rigid Model
Following the 250cc MOV, then 350cc MAC models, the 500cc MSS was a logical progression. Velocette specialists Grove Classics are very familiar with Hall Green products, but when it came to the earlier version of the MSS, we were directed to a model
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Military Hardware
In the early 1920s, British and European truck manufacturers experimented with double drive tandem bogey 6x4 truck chassis. Some also developed halftrack systems to give trucks better grip on rough ground. The British War Department encouraged the de
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Hidden Treasures
You might associate one type of history with the stunning Old Town of Dubrovnik, in Southern Croatia, but another sort has recently arrived – the Dubrovnik Indian Motorcycle Museum opened in August 2023. The old monastery building of St Clara is now
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Travelling by Terrier
Day four: It was cold and damp first thing. Despite being high, we headed higher – the Picos de Europa beckoned with a chilly embrace. An hour of misty climbing was not a great start to the day, other than it being the perfect conditions for the litt
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A Wiffen Matchless performance
The first Sunday in December has become an established tradition in bringing together a glorious variety of off-road machinery for the Sidcup and District MCC’s Jack Thompson Trial. The venue is the club’s dedicated ground at Canada Heights, Swanley,
The Classic MotorCycle3 min read
Rallying To The Cause
In July 2023, I attended the British Two Stroke Club’s Annual Rally, and also the Vintage Club’s Founder’s Day. Although both are rallies in the strictest sense of the word – i.e. gathering groups of people for a common purpose – they represent very
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