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Notes From a Unicorn Hunter
Ten years ago, Cowboy Ventures founder Aileen Lee was looking for the right metaphor to describe hypergrowth software companies that hit—or surpassed—a valuation of $1 billion. She coined the term unicorn, and on the following page tells Inc. how the
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Don't Mistake Your Knowledge for Wisdom
WISDOM SNUCK UP on me. I wasn't looking for it. It didn't amiounce itself. And, quite frankly, I thought for a long time that knowledge and wisdom were twins. I've come to learn they're cousins. In 2013, when the three young Airbnb founders approache
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How One Firm Wants to Disrupt the Traditional Private Equity Model
Inc. Founder Friendly Investors First Investment 8+ Years Ago Assets Under Management $2.7B+ Employees 42 Add-on Acquisitions 220+ In the private equity world, most deals are handled by a bank or third party that manages and facilitates the sale of a
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Eric Ryan, Co-founder Of Method Products, Olly, And Welly Health, Answers: How Do You Expand A Business Into New Categories?
“I've learned that more companies die from indigestion-taking on too much-than they do from starvation-not having enough capital and growing too slowly. When Method launched air fresheners, we put so many resources into creating a new product divisio
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Outside Perspective Helps Direct Support Agency Thrive
Inc.5000 COMPANY SPOTLIGHT N°810 2023 Ranking 729% 3-Year Growth 721 Members 670 Caregivers When Kathy Lehmeyer's friend told her that individuals with intellectual and development disabilities “really need your heart,” the comment gave her pause. Wi
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Veteran-Owned Contracting Company Operates Without Debt
Inc.5000 COMPANY SPOTLIGHT N°3635 2023 Ranking 134% 3-Year Growth 400 Employees 25 Locations Tina Wilson, founder and CEO of government contracting company T47 International, remembers winning her first federal contract in 2017. Until then, contracts
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One Founder's Path to Six Figures in Funding
Follow the Money Brianna Arps is a grant gogetter. The founder and CEO of Moodeaux, the St. Louis-based fragrance company, has raised more than $200,000 in nondilutive funding since her 2021 launch. “You've just got to keep applying,” Arps says. “All
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Technology Fuels Growth for Propane Provider
Inc.5000 COMPANY SPOTLIGHT N°488 2023 Ranking 1199% 3-Year Growth 35 Employees 37 States After Tankfarm founder and CEO Andrew Heaney ended a grueling and ultimately unsuccessful congressional campaign in Upstate New York during the 2016 election cyc
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The Auto Transport Leader That's Built on Customer Service
Inc.5000 COMPANY SPOTLIGHT N°3109 2023 Ranking 166% 3-Year Growth $170M+ 2022 Revenue 5x Inc. 5000 Honoree The automobile is most people's second-largest expenditure after housing. As such, shipping your car from point A to point B is nerve-wracking.
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“That Was Our Fate. Live Or Die By Facebook”
Joe Speiser was looking for a place to hide. It was late February 2018, and he was sitting at his desk in Manhattan, preparing to share the news that would transform his company, LittleThings, from a Cinderella story into a cautionary tale. The probl
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The Glamping Gurus
$ 2018 5x As an SBJ Capital portfolio company, Under Canvas grew its valuation nearly 400 percent. $ 2017 Seven years after founding the glamping company Under Canvas, in 2009, Sarah and Jacob Dusek knew it was time to raise outside funding. The coup
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The DevOps IPO
As a Sapphire Ventures portfolio company, JFrog grew annual recurring revenue from $15 million to $300 million. $ 300M 2020 $ 15M 2016 Shlomi Ben Haim had gotten used to hearing the word no. After co-founding Sunnyvale, California-based software deve
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The Authority on Legal Technology Shares Universal Success Secrets
Inc.5000 COMPANY SPOTLIGHT N°549 2023 Ranking 1065% 3-Year Growth 1100+ Businesses Use LinkSquares HQ Boston, Mass. Every business department has access to game-changing technology these days, from CRM platforms for sales teams, to Jira for engineers
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How an Accidental Entrepreneur Built an Inc. 5000 Company
Inc.5000 COMPANY SPOTLIGHT N°2366 2023 Ranking 233% 3-Year Growth $2.5M+ 2022 Revenue 14 Employees When Sarah Cook-Raymond's boss asked if she would like to buy his company, she surprised herself by saying, “Yes.” A writer by trade, she had been work
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John Yarusi Makes an Iconic New Jersey Sandwich. Panera Founder Ron Shaich Has a Recipe for Growth
John Yarusi loved the 15 years he spent working in advertising in New York City, bringing campaigns to life for clients such as JetBlue, Mercedes-Benz, and Prudential. Then the Great Recession hit and things went south. The agency he owned went under
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Arianna Huffington
ARIANNA HUFFINGTON IS a lot of things. She's bold, whip-smart, even regal. Most of all, she's prescient. She spawned her workplace well-being platform Thrive Global in 2016—years after reckoning with the kind of exhaustion perhaps only an entrepreneu
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World Traveler Wellness
“Since I was a kid, I've been a Type A perfectionist who overworks, overthinks, and is always stressed and burned out. “Once I adopted a nomadic lifestyle, I had to learn how to be more efficient. How do I run a business with no more than two to four
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Power Partner Awards 2023
Decisions. Who even knows how many the typical founder must make in a day, let alone in the course of starting a business? Steve Jobs reached for the same outfit every morning just to get a single quandary off his plate. When it comes to the business
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Fine Jewelry Dynamos Master Made To Order and Speed to Market
Inc.5000 COMPANY SPOTLIGHT N°242 2023 Ranking 2290% 3-Year Growth 63K Orders to Date 42 Employees On the heels of a successful career as a product designer for Kate Spade, Mayle, Waterworks, and her own swimwear collection, Haverhill Leach returned t
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A New Credit Player
co-founder and CEO Randy Fernando first pitched his company to the venture capital firm Fin Capital on the sidelines of the Money20/20 conference at the Venetian hotel in Las Vegas. It was 2021, and Fernando's New York City-based fintech startup was
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Read To Lead
“This was one of the first business books I read,” says Amanda Baldwin (above), who in 2016 became president and in 2021 CEO of the SPFfocused brand Supergoop! Blue Ocean Strategy sold her on founder Holly Thaggard's unlike ly vision to build a brand
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Tapping Third-Party Expertise Helps SMBs Attract the Best Employees
Compensation has been pivotal in the employer-employee relationship since the onset of the Industrial Revolution. What has changed in recent years is the nature of compensation—a mixture of salary, bonus, and benefits—and the importance today's worke
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A Gourmet Baking Empire
As a Levine Leichtman Capital Partners portfolio company, Nothing Bundt Cakes grew EBITDA by 400 percent. 2016 5x 2021 Dena Tripp's gourmet bakery chain Nothing Bundt Cakes was at a crossroads. Founded in 1997, the Las Vegas-based franchiser had grow
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Uncommon Knowledge
When like-minded founders gather to share experiences and insights, their businesses get stronger. This year, Inc. and UBS created a series of memorable, high-impact networking events to connect people who start and run fast-growing companies. In add
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This Firm is Purpose-Built to Support Founders and Unlock Potential
Assets Under Management $2.5+ Billion Investments and Add-Ons 45 Employees 55+ HQ San Francisco, Calif. With a distinctive focus on investing in high-quality, founder-owned essential services businesses, Percheron Capital employs a repeatable approac
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Unpack What Your Company Does for You Before It Does You In
THE DAY MY executive career landed me in the emergency room was the moment I knew I wasn't being true to myself. There I was in a hospital gown, staring at the ceiling and listening to the whir of machines monitoring my vital signs. Out of the corner
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When You're the Client
I'll confess. I wouldn't have this job, which as I've said before is the best job, if it weren't for my business partner. I owe it all to him. Yup, if it weren't for the fact that that clown drove me crazy—and right out of the startup we had spent tw
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A Smart Approach to Risk Management and Innovation
Inc.5000 COMPANY SPOTLIGHT N°1809 2023 Ranking 309% 3-Year Growth N°75 HR Industry Ranking $63M+ 2022 Revenue As a software company offering professional employer organization (PEO) services such as workers’ compensation coverage, payroll services, a
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Feed the Body, Nurture the Community
Inc.5000 COMPANY SPOTLIGHT N°187 2023 Ranking 2868% 3-Year Growth $41M 2022 Revenue 125K Subscriptions Per Month The supplement market in 2018 was disappointing. At least, that's what the co-founders of Cymbiotika found. They were seeking products to
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How a Destination Marketing Company Soared to No. 25 on the Inc. 5000
Inc.5000 COMPANY SPOTLIGHT N°25 2023 Ranking 11,247% 3-Year Growth $12.1M+ 2022 Revenue 55 Employees When Ryan Sprance, Dave Marcy, and Nat Collins met for dinner in late 2018, they had no idea breaking bread would lead to the creation of one of the
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