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Crashing the Net: Ridder U Hockey, #2
Crashing the Net: Ridder U Hockey, #2
Crashing the Net: Ridder U Hockey, #2
Ebook290 pages6 hours

Crashing the Net: Ridder U Hockey, #2

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About this ebook

She's not interested…


Deidre Bennington is only at Ridder University to appease her demanding mother. After two years volunteering in Costa Rica, she's fulfilling the agreement she made with her parents: to get her degree and go to med school. It doesn't matter that she has no real interest in medicine, that she doesn't want to live up to her mother's expectations or her sister's life. All that matters is to be good enough for them.


When the volatile hockey goalie catches her attention, Deidre wonders where she wants her life to go and who she really wants to be.


He's not getting involved…


T.J. Halston does not do relationships. They aren't worth it, and he doesn't want to play games outside of hockey. As a drafted player, he's deferred the last year to play for Ridder U, just not by choice. His father is a professional hockey coach, and a grade A jerk. Unfortunately, T.J. was drafted by his father's organization. He can't get away from dear old dad, his reputation, or his hateful words.


Then Deidre storms into his life. T.J.'s not interested in anything other than a random hookup, but Dee is different. She sees through his masks and walls.


Can T.J. put aside his trepidations, or will Deidre put a full stop on any chance they have for a future?

PublisherLynn Stevens
Release dateDec 6, 2023
Crashing the Net: Ridder U Hockey, #2
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