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The Startup Codebook: From Developer To Entrepreneur
The Startup Codebook: From Developer To Entrepreneur
The Startup Codebook: From Developer To Entrepreneur
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The Startup Codebook: From Developer To Entrepreneur

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About this ebook

Unlock Your Inner Entrepreneur: Become a Tech Startup Visionary!

Are you a developer with big dreams of launching your own successful tech startup? Welcome to "The Startup Codebook: From Developer to Entrepreneur" - your ultimate guide to turning your coding brilliance into a thriving business venture.


In this compelling and transformative book, Anish Bilas Panta, a seasoned entrepreneur and tech wizard, shares his wealth of experience in building businesses from the ground up. With expertise in fintech and insurtech, Anish has helped multiple startups succeed and played a pivotal role in successfully launching products across the globe, from the bustling streets of the USA to the dynamic markets of the UK, Australia, Canada, and Singapore.


In "The Startup Codebook," Anish takes you on an inspiring journey through the entire startup process - from ideation and validation to funding strategies and product launch. Drawing on real-life examples of both failure and triumph, he imparts invaluable insights and proven strategies that will empower you to embrace entrepreneurship with confidence.


Discover how to choose the right tech stack, build a rock-solid team, and conquer technical challenges. Leverage cloud technologies and harness the power of artificial intelligence to stay ahead in today's fast-paced business landscape.


Learn the art of developing a minimum viable product (MVP) and finding your perfect product-market fit. Explore innovative marketing and branding strategies tailor-made for developers and unleash your startup's true potential.


Whether you're a developer with a groundbreaking idea or an established entrepreneur seeking to amplify your technical expertise, "The Startup Codebook" equips you with the tools and wisdom to transform your vision into a reality.


Don't let your coding brilliance go to waste - crack "The Startup Codebook" and embrace the thrilling world of entrepreneurship. Your startup journey begins here. Let the coding adventure unfold!

Release dateAug 13, 2023
The Startup Codebook: From Developer To Entrepreneur

Anish Bilas Panta

Anish Bilas Panta is a dynamic entrepreneur with a passion for technology and a track record of turning ideas into thriving businesses. With over 10 years of experience, Anish specializes in fintech and insurtech, and his expertise has contributed to successful product launches worldwide. He's the author of "The Startup Codebook: From Developer to Entrepreneur," a comprehensive guide that empowers developers to master the art of startup development. Anish's leadership, organizational prowess, and innovative mindset have driven his ventures' success and made him a mentor to aspiring entrepreneurs.

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