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Exodus Team: New Roads
Exodus Team: New Roads
Exodus Team: New Roads
Ebook326 pages4 hours

Exodus Team: New Roads

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About this ebook

They aren't paranormal investigators, just ordinary believers who dare to follow God into dark places.

For Maj Newhouse, life revolves around her faith, her friends, Aimee and Kevin Cole, and her projects at the old barn-but that was before Jason Knight walked through the door. The handsome businessman from Chicago has a problem; he has staked his career on rehabilitating a haunted hotel.
An encounter with Kevin has led him to the old barn, and Maj is shocked to learn that Knight expects to hire her and her friends as exorcists for his property!
Will Maj's distrust of the charming stranger and her own self-doubt cripple the newly formed Exodus Team before it starts?

Release dateApr 28, 2023
Exodus Team: New Roads


BEBogdon is a Christian entertainer from the Midwest whose passion for writing began with a love for reading. Although a newly published author, Bogdon has been telling stories for years. Through involvement in theater, film, commercial, and voice-over work, she has had the opportunity to breathe life into the written word, and as an avid daydreamer, she is thrilled to see those dreams finally settle onto the printed page.Learn more by visiting

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