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Guardian of the Mist Dragon
Guardian of the Mist Dragon
Guardian of the Mist Dragon
Ebook173 pages2 hours

Guardian of the Mist Dragon

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About this ebook

To save her family, Lin will defy convention—and her father—to take on the most extraordinary journey into a strange land...

Stealing her father’s armor was the easy part. Now alone and confronted by mercenaries, Lin must defend a rare mist dragon’s egg. Just as she is badly wounded, a strange dragon drops out of the sky, breathing fire and scattering her enemies. Then the creature’s massive talons wrap around her body, and he carries her away...

Her beauty sets his body on fire. Her stubbornness threatens to drive him mad...
Dirkan abducted the injured human female for her own protection. Safely tucked away at his home, her spirit and beauty tempt him to claim her as his mate. But he has no future to offer her. He has obligations to his family that don’t include being with a human.

Their bond is undeniable, and the heat threatens to burn out of control. But when the time comes to return to her land, will Lin be leaving her heart behind?

PublisherJaymi Hanako
Release dateMar 15, 2022
Guardian of the Mist Dragon

Jaymi Hanako

Jaymi Hanako writes stories of love and lust in alternate worlds. Her favorite subjects include spaceships, magic, and paranormal creatures.Born and raised in Hawaii, she left paradise when she fell in love with a soldier. After being assigned to different bases throughout the southern United States, they settled in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado where they currently live with their dog and two cats.

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