The Dragon and the Queen of Ice
The Dragon and the Queen of Ice
The Dragon and the Queen of Ice
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The Dragon and the Queen of Ice

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If Kyra doesn’t fall in love, she will die.

Blinded and cursed to freeze from the inside out, Queen Kyra knows that only falling in love might cure her. She doesn’t have time for that. As the last in her line, she must produce an heir to keep her kingdom from falling into chaos. But no human can touch her without risk of frostbite.

The solution? Marry a dragon.

Jodan’s fire melts the ice under her skin and soon the passion that burns between them goes beyond her need for an heir. It’s deeper than that. Addictive. But can a dragon fall in love with a human?

More importantly, can Kyra fall in love with someone she’s never seen?

PublisherJaymi Hanako
Release dateOct 26, 2021
The Dragon and the Queen of Ice
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Jaymi Hanako

Jaymi Hanako writes stories of love and lust in alternate worlds. Her favorite subjects include spaceships, magic, and paranormal creatures.Born and raised in Hawaii, she left paradise when she fell in love with a soldier. After being assigned to different bases throughout the southern United States, they settled in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado where they currently live with their dog and two cats.

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