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Roslyn and the Cursed Prince
Roslyn and the Cursed Prince
Roslyn and the Cursed Prince
Ebook139 pages1 hour

Roslyn and the Cursed Prince

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About this ebook

An enchanted tower keeps her safe. But nothing can guard her against loneliness...

The tower keeps Roslyn secure from those who would steal her infant daughter, as she’s protected by the magic of the village witch, Madame Mallor. She dreams of being reunited with the father of her baby, never imagining that the moment she’s longed for will complicate her life.

Because Adrian has been keeping secrets. About his past. His identity. And about a cursed connection to the woman who has been guarding Roslyn. She doesn’t realize that Mallor has not been helping her out of the kindness of her heart, and that the old woman’s obsession with Roslyn and Adrian's child could destroy them all forever...

Roslyn and the Cursed Prince was originally published as The Cursed Prince by Amber Jantine

PublisherJaymi Hanako
Release dateAug 5, 2021
Roslyn and the Cursed Prince

Jaymi Hanako

Jaymi Hanako writes stories of love and lust in alternate worlds. Her favorite subjects include spaceships, magic, and paranormal creatures.Born and raised in Hawaii, she left paradise when she fell in love with a soldier. After being assigned to different bases throughout the southern United States, they settled in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado where they currently live with their dog and two cats.

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