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Puerto Paz
Puerto Paz
Puerto Paz
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Puerto Paz

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About this ebook

A modern Huckleberry Finn for adults, and a literary slap in the face to Ayn Rand.


We live in an increasingly polarizing landscape of political extremism. Liberal versus Conservative. Freedom versus order. What if that divide caused the United States to split into two countries and four extremist cultures?


Marcus Coleman lives in a world where, decades earlier, exactly that happened. The intelligent black teen and his white best friend run away from their home in one extremist culture, and travel through three other extremist cultures, before finally finding the balanced moderation of Puerto Paz. Like a pair of nomadic Goldilocks, they embark on a journey of self-discovery, entering a strange new world full of drastically differing political ideologies and struggling to find a culture that feels like the right fit. Although raised in a culture that demands strict loyalty, their travels lead them to discover differences between themselves that test the limits of their friendship.

Release dateApr 15, 2020
Puerto Paz

Jefferey J. Reese

I was born and raised in Madison, WI. I have dipped my toes in many cultures... a private Catholic school... a public school in a mostly rural small town... college in uber-conservative West Lafayette, Indiana (where the college Republican's club had hundreds of members, but the college Democrat's club didn't even exist). While in college I returned to Spain for a second time to study abroad. Fresh out of college I moved to Fairfield County, Connecticut for four and a half years of the most painfully lonely existence of my life. Finally I arrived in the Boston, MA area and found heaven on earth!  I have had my heart broken before marrying a strong, independent, highly intelligent woman. I have visited 15 countries, over 200 cities, and at least 25 U.S. states.  Twain was right that travel breaks down stereotypes and makes us realize that the people in far away places aren't "them". I listened to Rush Limbaugh during lunch breaks of my college summer job because I wanted to hear what the other side had to say. I should have tried to find someone more intelligent and less afraid of challenges to their opinion, but unfortunately extremism seems to sell well in our current culture. I've listened to Thom Hartmann and loved that he moved callers who disagreed with him to the top of the list and had guests with polar opposite positions... he aggressively defended his position while maintaining respect and politeness. I've been a Catholic, an agnostic or atheist, a Unitarian, and spiritual but not religious. I have de-tassled corn, worked fast food, and been a lifeguard. I have graduated college and been a structural engineer for over 20 years and have worked on some amazing buildings. To this day I always treat the Dunkin Donuts employees with nothing but respect. I grew up financially stable, and without that, I wouldn't be where I am today. People helped me along the way, either financially or emotionally. I am liberal, but have made efforts to understand conservatives. I tried to write my novel "Puerto Paz" from the perspective of a middle ground... to seek that "Goldilocks" place of balance even though my own views skew to the left. I hope I have succeeded, but if I haven't, then I hope at least it is entertaining. 

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