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You Made Me Smile
You Made Me Smile
You Made Me Smile
Ebook234 pages3 hours

You Made Me Smile

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About this ebook

Fifame Lawson is in her sophomore year in college. For years she has been struggling with depression; she is drowning in the void that submerges her. She has tried everything to get better, even things she shouldn't have done. She lives for others, fakes smiles, and is sure of one thing: depression is her best friend. When her path crosses

Release dateAug 30, 2021
You Made Me Smile

Mélissa Houinsou

Two-time winner of the universal post letter contest, Mélissa Délalie Houinsou is a young writer born in 2001 in Cotonou, Benin. A lover of writing, she is also a health sciences student at the University of Ottawa. She won one of the 2019 Watty awards in the New Adult category.

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