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The Black Knight: Kurval, #8
The Black Knight: Kurval, #8
The Black Knight: Kurval, #8
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The Black Knight: Kurval, #8

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About this ebook

The Lords of Angilbert have been a thorn in the side of the Kings of Azakoria for decades, refusing to pay taxes or to accept the authority of the throne.


King Kurval of Azakoria inherited the conflict with the Black Knight of Angilbert from his predecessor. Determined to bring the Black Knight to heel once and for all, Kurval besieges Castle Angilbert. But when he finally comes face to face with the mysterious Black Knight, he's in for a shock.


The law demands that the Black Knight be executed for treason. However, Kurval does not want to sentence the Black Knight to death, especially once he learns that the Lords of Angilbert have a very good reason to hate the Kings of Azakoria.


But is it even possible to find a peaceful solution or can the feud with the Black Knight of Angilbert end only in bloodshed and death?


The new sword and sorcery adventure by two-time Hugo finalist Cora Buhlert and her occasional alter ego, 1930s pulp writer Richard Blakemore. This is a novella of 33400 words or approx. 112 print pages in the Kurval series but may be read as a standalone. Includes an introduction and afterword.


Warning: This is a dark story, which contains scenes of a violent and sexual nature.

Release dateJun 19, 2021
The Black Knight: Kurval, #8

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