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Heating Up
Heating Up
Heating Up
Ebook39 pages34 minutes

Heating Up

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About this ebook

Mia has long given up on the possibility of the threesome she's always fantasised about. That is until two sexy firemen drop by...


Mia is stuck. She has her dream home, thanks to the boyfriend who bought it with her then promptly left to 'find himself'.

But his leaving means she's struggling to pay the mortgage alone, which means all work and no play, just to get by.

In a fit of frustration Mia burns all her exes belongings, causing a worried neighbour to call the fire department. Lucky for Mia, two very eligible young firemen turn up.


What happens next solves all Mia's problems.



This was originally published in Steamy: An Anthology that Sizzles.


Release dateApr 28, 2021
Heating Up
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Heather Kinnane

Heather Kinnane is an Australian author of fantasy and romance. Her books include the fantasy series, ‘A Faery Dream’, and the steamy menage series ‘Seeking Satisfaction’. She also has a flash-fiction collection, a steamy Halloween short story and a short and sexy retelling of Tam Lin, as well as numerous other stories in the pipeline. Heather lives in a house in the bush with her husband, children and various pets. In her spare time she can be found avoiding the housework, mostly by reading.

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