The Sea Lion: Willy Lauer Book 1, #1
The Sea Lion: Willy Lauer Book 1, #1
The Sea Lion: Willy Lauer Book 1, #1
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The Sea Lion: Willy Lauer Book 1, #1

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On an island in the Norwegian archipelago, the 20-year-old fisherman Willy Lauer preparing his yarn when a boat arrives the pier. It turns out to be Moldavian refugees, and among them is 17-year-old Raja Romanova - the most beautiful woman Willy has ever seen. He falls in love, but it turns out that Raja is already married. Though fate is on his side and soon Raja becomes his best friend. It's a war and the British have seized most of the Danish-Norwegian Fleet and started a blockade of Norway. Danish Crown Prince Frederik urges people to become privateers to fight back against the British, and Willy and Raja want to get their very own privateer ship. They dream of becoming rich, but it is not easy to get rich when you have nothing.

Tom Thowsen (1964) is a Norwegian author who writes suspense literature. He made his breakthrough in 2015 with "The White Lady", a suspense novel about a ghost that is said to haunt Fredriksten fortress in his hometown of Halden, and he received an excellent review in the city newspaper. The first edition of the book sold out in two months. Later, "The White Lady" has been translated into English and is now sold on the English language market, where it has received brilliant reception.
Thowsen has also received good reviews for the suspense novel Kayaweta.
"Thowsen manages to combine facts with fiction and writes excellent novels." the Norwegian newspaper: Halden Arbeiderblad.
"The author is bursting with narrative joy and knowledge." The Norwegian newspaper: Demokraten.

PublisherTom Thowsen
Release dateFeb 21, 2020
The Sea Lion: Willy Lauer Book 1, #1
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Tom Thowsen

About Tom Thowsen If you enjoy books of Wilbur Smith and Ken Follett, you`d likely enjoy Tom Thowsen too. He is a Norwegian illustrator and fiction writer with a passion for history. This passion is also reflected in his books, where he often uses two different time frames, two different stories woven together. One from the present time and the other from the past. His novels have received very good receptions from both readers and newspapers. Halden Arbeiderblad said this about Kayaweta, his newest novel: "Thowsen manages to combine facts with fiction and writes excellent novels." Another newspaper, Demokraten, concluded: "The author sparkles with the joy of storytelling and knowledge."

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