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Crave: Fighting Fate, #7
Crave: Fighting Fate, #7
Crave: Fighting Fate, #7
Ebook407 pages7 hours

Crave: Fighting Fate, #7

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars



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About this ebook

Dean Thomas is a rock and roll heart throb. As the lead singer for one of the country's hottest rock bands, Fighting Fate, he is sex personified. It's not something he ever wanted, but with the bitter disappointment of a failed relationship still lingering in his heart, it's certainly had its benefits.
That is until Eden Roberts walks into his life . . . With her honey blonde hair, and clear blue eyes that whisper sweet taunts of innocence, she's a temptation that's hard to resist—especially when he'd like nothing more than to break the rules put in place to keep her away from him.

Eden Roberts is the most ordinary person you could possibly meet. At least, that's what she thinks anyway. She knows she's good at her job, but ambitious? No way. Not in the slightest. Working for Leighton Records is the last thing she ever wanted, but she knows better than anyone that it's not always about what you want.
She's prepared for it as much as she can—the long days, the megastar attitudes, and the cutthroat edge of the next person vying for her job. But what she's not prepared for, is Dean Thomas . . . With his warm, chocolate eyes that seem to murmur promises of ecstasy for all eternity, he's a challenge she's not so sure she can handle—especially when the rules state she's not allowed to touch.

They both know the rules, but as tensions rise and cravings set in, they find themselves being drawn into a game of intimidation and manipulation that neither of them asked for—one where trust is challenged, innocence is broken, and the lines between jealousy and revenge don't exist.
So, what happens when fate takes away the one thing you thought you really wanted? Do you take what you're given, or do you fight for what you crave?

Release dateDec 22, 2019
Crave: Fighting Fate, #7

Maree Green

Maree Green is an author of sweet and sexy New Adult and Contemporary romance, and romantic suspense. Her books contain a fairytale quality for those who love stories about strong female characters who are simply a little down on their luck and want their knight in shining armor—or at least a hot guy in a rock star's tour bus—to swoop in and give them the HEA they deserve. When she's not writing, she can be found working with her husband on their property, looking after a menagerie of animals, and exploring as many creative challenges as possible.

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