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Chaos Theory: Grims' Truth, #3
Chaos Theory: Grims' Truth, #3
Chaos Theory: Grims' Truth, #3
Ebook413 pages5 hours

Chaos Theory: Grims' Truth, #3

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About this ebook

In the Chaos that remains when the world falls apart, the truth can finally be revealed, but what do you do when the storyteller is a liar?

Know this: everything that has happened, is happening, and will happen again.

  • WINNER: Pinnacle Book Achievement Award

With Fate at his side, Hero works to discover the truth of his parents' deaths. Together, they open the doors of the Dreamscape, where he must embrace the madness within and see the world through blind eyes.

Time is running out for Hero. If he can't prove otherwise, he may once again stand accused of murder.

EVOLVED PUBLISHING PRESENTS the third book in "Grims' Truth," a truly epic series that will sweep you into a whole new universe. [DRM-Free]


Release dateMay 7, 2018
Chaos Theory: Grims' Truth, #3

Isu Yin

For as long as we (Isu Yin & Fae Yang) can remember, we have been either plagued or blessed with dreams of the vast universe we call Euphoria. The fascination and devotion we share for these dreams, and all the people inside them, has driven our artistic visions for decades. We have studied photography, linguistics, graphic art, video editing, traditional art, and literature, all with the intent of sharing this massive story and vision. Though many obstacles may lie ahead, we look forward to embarking on this journey with whomever may find a vested interest in our work.

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