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Christian Journey
Christian Journey
Christian Journey
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Christian Journey

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About this ebook

Christian Journey is a collection of 65 articles of several topics that every true Christian must know and understand from the Bible in order to grow in righteousness and holiness to be sinless and undefiled before God when the Jesus Christ comes back. Each chapter is organised into an individual article. The eBook is titled Christian Journey because, it was the time when the author started his journey in the broad-way from being a typical Protestant Christian believing everything Paul wrote but entered through the narrow gate and started walking in the difficult path by truly following Jesus Christ and obeying His teachings. This is the author's journey of how he rejected Paul to truly follow Christ and obey everything Jesus taught.

Release dateNov 10, 2017
Christian Journey

Felix Immanuel

Felix Immanuel is a born-again Christian, trying to live a Christ-like life. He writes blogs and articles focused on the spiritual growth of Christians.

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