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Birthday Girl
Birthday Girl
Birthday Girl
Ebook53 pages38 minutes

Birthday Girl

Rating: 1 out of 5 stars



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About this ebook

Birthday Girl Paisley Smith It's Gemma's thirty-second birthday. She's not surprised when her gorgeous husband Nate whips out the blindfold and orders her to bend over for a birthday spanking. What does surprise her is that Nate has enlisted the help of a friend. Another woman!

Lindsey is a sexy Bohemian artist who has starred in Gemma's fantasies for a long while. She doesn't know what will happen beyond this single night of scorching sex play, but for now, Gemma fully intends to enjoy every new touch, taste, sight and sound her "birthday gift" has to offer.

PublisherPaisley Smith
Release dateMay 4, 2017
Birthday Girl

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