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Sloan: Outback Exodus, #5
Sloan: Outback Exodus, #5
Sloan: Outback Exodus, #5
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Sloan: Outback Exodus, #5

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About this ebook

I am Sloan, some people call me their worst nightmare and others call me their saviour. I am a bit of both. No one calls me friend. This is how I came to be who I am today.

04.00 hrs 01 January 2013

Company Barracks

I must be the only person round here that did not celebrate New Year’s. It’s five am, almost time for the guard to change and there is not a sign of another living soul. With the exception of the ever present guard on the gate no one has risen from their cots to get ready for duty.

The canteen is deserted as I head to get my first cup of coffee for the day. The urn’s hot, so someone has been around, but there are no signs of them now. No sounds from the kitchen where normally I hear the crash and rattle as the breakfasts are cooked and put on the trays. No chatter from the cooks and no barking of orders from the Sergeant Chef. I wander around the room and settle at a table at the back. Facing both the front and rear doors I sit ever watchful, the training we all have sticks with you for life. 

What happens next changes many lives in the course of the year as Sloan takes to the road to revenge the murder of his wife. Read on to learn how he does this. 

Release dateMay 3, 2017
Sloan: Outback Exodus, #5

Dawn Millen

Dawn Millen was born in North Wales UK has lived for long periods in New Zealand and currently lives in the beautiful Southern Highlands of New South Wales, Australia.  Dawn was widowed in late 2010 and wrote her first book, “Widowhood 101” was published in May 2012 and quickly followed by “Widowhood 102 – The Diary Entries” and “Widowhood 103 – Tears Grief”. Widowhood 103 was written in collaboration with Annie Watson. These books describe Dawn’s journey through the death of her husband and the first year of widowhood. There are more books planned for the series over the coming years as the changes wrought by the loss of her much loved husband become apparent. “Outback Exodus” was Dawn’s first venture into publishing her fiction work and the story has been written with a deep love of Australia which expands across the vast Outback and culminates on the beautiful East Coast Flood Plains.  “Settled on the Coast”  followed “Outback Exodus” and continues the story of the band of travellers as they set up their new lives  Gordon Under Attack takes you into the first year of settlement and the gangs which threaten the safety of the village. Sloan carries forward the story of the saviour of the village of Gordon.  New Generations carries the story of the settlement of Gordon 50 years into the future. If you enjoy the work please return to the place of purchase to leave a review. Dawn now adds a new series which has spun off from the Outback Exodus which picks up where Sloan finishes. The new series is called The Long Road South which was released in February 2017.   Connect with the Author on line Facebook Amazon

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