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Select: The Oathtaker Series, #2
Select: The Oathtaker Series, #2
Select: The Oathtaker Series, #2
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Select: The Oathtaker Series, #2

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About this ebook

A Literaray Classics SILVER medal winner; a Readers' Favorite finalist award winner.

Print length: 420 pages

Includes a full synopsis of Oathtaker: The Oathtaker Series Volume One, and a Sneak Peek at Ephemeral and Fleeting: The Oathtaker Series Volume Three.

A Challenge Met. A Calling Sought. A Faith Required.

When Mara, Oathtaker to the ranking twin members of the Select, suffers an injury, her charges—Reigna and Eden—seek to determine their callings, while Dixon suffers over the potential loss of his beloved.

As their allies disperse in response to a growing threat to their homeland, and as the forces of evil set out to destroy them, the twins journey across The Tearless. There, in fulfillment of prophecy, they face three challenges.

A single misstep may bring them to ruin; perseverance, to glory.

To triumph, they must first believe.


"Reding thrills and delights readers with elements of excitement and adventure in a world where magic abounds . . . In a tale that flows effortlessly, this delightful story is a most enjoyable read, which spurs the imagination and makes one’s heart race with anticipation . . . What an astounding read! The first book was terrific, the second is marvelous; we wait with great anticipation for the next offering in this dynamic series." --Literary Classics

"Reding has done an absolutely breathtaking job in creating a world that is both fantastic and somehow realistic . . . her character development skills are simply second to none . . . I can't wait to read more from this world . . . Any reader who loves a great work of fantasy, young adult or not, would enjoy this." --Tracy A. Fischer for Readers' Favorite

"Select is a quest to find what you are made of. It is not just a journey of one, but the pursuit of many . . . Reding’s character development is brilliant . . . a stroke of genius . . ." --Cheryl E. Rodriguez for Readers' Favorite

"Not having read book one, I found the summary [of it at the back] superbly useful . . . I was able to jump right in . . . and immerse myself in the phenomenally detailed world . . . created. I found the characters deep and well-developed . . . I did not want to leave the world I was in . . . I’d highly recommend this . . ." --K.C. Finn for Readers' Favorite

"Reding has done it again . . . She shines in her world-building and her interesting and dynamic characters . . . Select . . . is a great sequel . . . I’m looking forward to more from this author." --Kayti Nika Raet for Readers' Favorite

"Another winner! I love it and can’t wait for more!" --Melinda Hills for Readers' Favorite

"I enjoyed every single page . . . The characters immediately grab you . . . and the world pulls you in . . . The flow of the plot is close to perfect and the settings and scenes are beautifully described in a language that uses neither too little nor too much of anything." --Kim Anisi for Readers' Favorite

"Having met the . . . characters in Oathtaker, I couldn’t resist finding out what happens to them . . . A gripping tale . . . masterfully expands on the storylines and characters of the first book. There is also a very helpful synoposis of Oathtaker [Vol. One] provided for anyone who might want to refresh [his or her] memory. I am now looking forward to the third book . . ." --Kate Larkinson, a Literary Classics Award-winning Author

Release dateMar 24, 2017
Select: The Oathtaker Series, #2

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