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The Sandmann's Journal: Vol. 2
The Sandmann's Journal: Vol. 2
The Sandmann's Journal: Vol. 2
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The Sandmann's Journal: Vol. 2

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About this ebook

The Sandmann's Journal Vol. 2 is a continuation of Volume 1. It comes from my blog. The dates at the beginning of each chapter indicate when they were initially published. Though factual, I did not intend these entries to have journalistic value even though there are interviews with Eddie Bullen and his son, Quincy Bullen |whom I'd worked with|. I had limited access to mainstream radio and television and very little internet presence then.

The blog served as a platform where I could address the public and speak on various topics relevant to the Kulture of Hip Hop. In these chapters, I discuss balancing Hip Hop creed with religious belief. I was battling with the ongoing castigation of patriarchy in exchange for matriarchy in feminism. It is not matriarchy that I resented; instead, it was unacceptable. That was when I wrote about misconceptions, the correct look for a Hip Hop dude, and the irony of how singer Lady Gaga is accepted to be "born this way," but rapper DMX was not. The mainstream accepts Lady Gaga's endeavor while rejecting DMX's.

Surrounding the murder of Trayvon Martin, I touched on civil activism by showing how the characters in TV shows like "Jersey Shore" could strip some of their slang and mannerisms from Hip Hop without giving any credit. I taught this volume with theological philosophies within the context of Abrahamic discipline. It demonstrates some practical approaches to creative expression in art. Even as Western superpowers rise to end racism, gender inequality, and homophobia, these entries point toward our commitment to Abraham's creed.

As the global community becomes cordial with a thought process they once banished from morality, these blogs draw a line between virtues and depravity as interpreted not by the media or secular culture but by scripture. When an emcee makes such a statement, usually, homosexuals, transgender, and some feminists are anxious that the emcee is advocating chauvinism, intolerance, or xenophobia. To ratify this, you will find entries on the twelve tribes of Israel to allow the historic tradition to be reiterated without bastardization unless one renounces the Abrahamic doctrine as it firmly promotes love, culture, discipline, the fear of God, and devotion.

As an admirer of theater, literature, and music, I also used my platform to speak on some of the most controversial arguments at the time. There are entries on the 2nd Amendment Rights, gun violence in the United States, and the American political system as it relates to the status of the middle and lower class, particularly where the Republican Party is concerned. Being motivated by respect for humanity, culture, tradition, and ethical accountability, not monetary gain, political correctness, or secular faith, I want my readers to be skeptical without altering or participating in radicalism.

You will find entries about Hip Hop Kulture, the release of my 12:12: 12 EP, "City of Kings: RELOADED," my take on Canadian Hip Hop, and how I correlate with West Africa. Of course, you should expect to read my views on subjects like the murder of Trayvon Martin or drug-related celebrity deaths. I addressed the most common misconceptions of Hip Hop Kulture. Above and beyond entertainment, another reason you will enjoy this book is how it motivates: 1 | respects scripture and 2 | thwarts the psychological mutation resulting from ungodly wisdom.
Release dateNov 15, 2016
The Sandmann's Journal: Vol. 2

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