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A Hollywood Happening
A Hollywood Happening
A Hollywood Happening
Ebook36 pages32 minutes

A Hollywood Happening

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About this ebook

It might seem like a holiday trip to Hollywood for our heroine, but mysterious events are beginning to set off behind her back. Its only when she falls asleep that first night in Hollywood, that she gets even the vaguest inkling of what's going down, when she meets the spirit of a famous actress. 
From there, the tale begins to unravel in a manner similar to 'A Christmas Carol', though in her case, its not just seeing the visions, she actually gets to live them out! Only at the end of the week, does she find out why? 

Which life, in which era will she choose, or will she just go back home, as the girl who left? 

And as is the want of an actress, life isn't just about acting, it's all the side events surrounding it too. Travel back to the 20's, and 30's, as well as life now, a leap in time for 2 actresses, from then, to now.

PublisherMerry Brooks
Release dateSep 11, 2015
A Hollywood Happening

Merry Brooks

I should have been born on a Kansas plain, instead  of which, I was born in the hills of Yorkshire many years ago. I am of Irish ancestry, and though my family emigrated in the early 20th century, I'm still proud of it, even if its pretty diluted by now. I have a big fascination with history, which probably explains the time travel stories that I write. Being a flapper in the 20's would appeal to me no end, though I would miss the internet.

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