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Sword of the Gladiatrix
Sword of the Gladiatrix
Sword of the Gladiatrix
Ebook316 pages5 hours

Sword of the Gladiatrix

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About this ebook

The hot sands of the arena are tortuous. Will they leave ripped apart or together forever?

Nero’s reign, AD 60. Afra would give everything for love. With the object of her affections beholden to an abusive marriage, the powerful huntress leads a group of Romans through the African desert in an effort to buy her companion’s liberty. But her rescue attempt ends in tragedy and a distraught Afra is accused of murder and condemned to death by slavery.

Cinnia burns for revenge. With her druidic people’s sacred isle destroyed and her father brutally butchered, the young Celtic bard swears retribution on all of Rome. But after her support for the violent rebellion ends with her in chains, the grief-stricken woman descends into madness.

After Afra escapes the mines thanks to a man who owes her his life, she meets and tends to a virtually catatonic Cinnia while slowly falling for the strong warrior. But when their fighting skills ignite the interest of the bloodthirsty gladiatorial crowds, Cinnia fears any hope they found in each other is doomed to perish before the jeering horde.

Will they die arm-in-arm or attack back-to-back?

Sword of the Gladiatrix is the whirlwind first book in the Gladiatrix lesbian historical fiction series. If you like fanatical fighters, finely detailed settings, and gritty adventures, then you’ll adore Faith L. Justice’s battle for desire.

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Release dateApr 28, 2015
Sword of the Gladiatrix

Faith L. Justice

Faith L. Justice writes in her historic land marked home “The Suffragette House” in Brooklyn, New York where she lives with her family and the required gaggle of cats. Her award-winning fiction has appeared in such publications as Circles in the Hair, The Copperfield Review, and Beyond Science Fiction and Fantasy. She’s published articles in such venues as, Writer's Digest, and The Writer. Faith is Chair of the Historical Novel Society--New York City chapter and Associate Editor for Space and Time Magazine. She co-founded a writer’s workshop many more years ago than she likes to admit. For fun, she digs in the dirt – her garden and various archaeological sites.

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