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Candy Kisses
Candy Kisses
Candy Kisses
Ebook171 pages2 hours

Candy Kisses

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars



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About this ebook

After a bull riding competition accident, widower Dirk Branigan is flat on his back with a busted leg. In dire need of a nanny for his ten year old daughter Tessa, as well as someone to cook and clean, he accepts a referral from friends and hires a woman sight, unseen. After meeting his "domestic help," he decides his friends are going to owe him big time. The woman is spoiled, temperamental, frustrating, and yes, occasionally, endearing. Thankfully, Tessa takes to her immediately. As for Dirk, uncovering the woman behind the facade will take patience, coaxing, and a lot of love.

PublisherVerna Clay
Release dateApr 28, 2014
Candy Kisses

Verna Clay

"2020 Finalist - Readers' Favorite International Contest (Paranormal Romance) for SOMEWHERE by the Sea.""2014 Gold Medal Winner - Readers' Favorite International Contest (Historical Romance) for Abby: Mail Order Bride."My perfect day: coffee shop; laptop; latte; characters demanding their stories be told; a plot that comes together; and hours to live in an alternate reality.Seriously, I have always loved reading, and now I love writing. As a preteen, I devoured Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys Mysteries. When I reached my teen years, the romance genre became my favorite and that has never changed. After years of procrastinating, I tried my hand at writing and I've been doing so with a passion ever since. I have written over thirty romance novels and novellas in the genres of contemporary, contemporary western, historical western, fantasy, and paranormal. Because I hate saying goodbye to characters who have lived with me for months, I usually create a series so they can be revisited from book to book. I have also written a Young Adult novella titled "Fragile Hearts" using the pen name of Colleen Clay.

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