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Fights of Your Life
Fights of Your Life
Fights of Your Life
Ebook119 pages1 hour

Fights of Your Life

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About this ebook

"That face, that smile, as she glanced at our house. It seemed like all the problems of the world, all her very present and very actual pains, all her harsh fights of the past 8 months, all the doubts regarding her future – they just all vanished. She was thrilled. And we were extremely happy. For her."

Frank van der Kok tells the touching, yet realistic story of a young woman, Flower, fighting for her life and future, following a severe brain damage. Based on a true story.

Let me take you through the fears, hopes, anger,love,pain and joy of this big fight. Could be any fight. Of any life. Flower's, mine or yours.
Frank van der Kok

Release dateMar 9, 2014
Fights of Your Life

Frank van der Kok

Frank van der Kok is a Hungarian writer, currently living in Netherlands. Author of Fights of Your Life and Twice, a series of fictional memoire.Frank van der Kok's dèbut novel, the Fights of Your Life was first released in Hungarian in September 2013, to be then published in April 2014 in English as well. It tells the story of a young woman fighting for her life after a severe car accident. While the story is based on real events from the author's recent life, the book still remains fictional, showing the events in a subjective manner.The story of Flower now continues. Twice, as the title of the new book suggests. Only years after recovering from a severe brain damage, Flower is now back in the surgery rooms. To fight the biggest nightmare of our times - cancer. Will she survive? Twice?Frank van der Kok tells this unique and touching story in a light and informal way. As if we would be discussing throughout the night, at the candle light, over a good old wine. Dare to open his books. You will never put them down again...Sample readers' reviews:"Amazing book, just like the key players in it. I laughed a lot at the well placed irony, but I also cried a lot. Fantastic reading""While reading this book you will realise how insignificant and unimportant dreams and wishes we follow at times. Those who never had to go through anything similar will hopefully go home and hug their spouse and children, reconsidering their values.""I met several people who didn't want to read this book, expecting it to be a depressing story; a story that would take their joy of life and energy for weeks. But then aftetr finally reading it they changed their views completely. The book gave them strength and faith. And a completely new viewpoint on life."Follow Frank van der Kok in all major social media platforms.

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