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Masters of Emotional Blackmail
Masters of Emotional Blackmail
Masters of Emotional Blackmail
Audiobook3 hours

Masters of Emotional Blackmail

Written by Emory Green

Narrated by John-Michael Jalonen

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About this audiobook

Discover How Powerful Manipulators Use Basic Human Emotions to Control Anyone

Humans are emotional beings. Emotions have the power to move us into actions. But what if manipulators use these emotions to control our actions, behavior, and entire life?

Have you ever done something out of guilt, fear, or obligation?

Have you done something you didn’t want to do just because of somebody?

There are powerful emotions that can be used by manipulators against you. They can directly ask you to do something that you can’t say no to. Or they can simply imply, and let your emotions work against your own heart.

Complicated enough? If you know the gripping feeling, then it's time to reassess how much you know about emotional blackmail. This book has everything you need to know about being the master of your own emotions and not letting anyone else take the reign.

Emory Green will shed a light on those who are suffering in the dim and dark of emotional manipulation. It could be you or it could be somebody you know who needs this today.

This book is for:

Understanding the behavior of a blackmailer

Recognizing emotional manipulation in the family, romantic relationship, or inner circle

Healing and dealing with emotional blackmail

Setting and protecting your personal boundaries

Knowing how to communicate assertively and nonviolently

Building emotional toughness to resist manipulation

Knowing how to stop when you catch yourself emotionally manipulating someone

Even if you think you are less likely to be manipulated emotionally, you might be less familiar with emotional blackmailers or haven't met a good one. There is no guarantee that you will not meet them soon... Discover how to master the power of your own emotions today, before they do.
Release dateFeb 10, 2021
Masters of Emotional Blackmail

Emory Green

Emory Green stumbles on his passion to explore the darkest of human nature in his 2 decades of practice in Business Psychology. Having worked with key leaders of giant industries, politics, and diverse people who are committed to winning at all costs, he is witness to the dark secrets of success. A trusted consultant and advisor, he has been both a friend and a foe to the most effective manipulators of their fate, and that often involves other people's fate, of course. CEOs, great leaders, charming Casanovas, and masters of manipulation, they all have their way of using tactics and having specific behaviors that facilitate their effectiveness in their crafty crafts and success. Emory Green has spent more than a decade studying these people and this led him to explore the dark side, so that others may see the light. Emory Green has now retired and is living a good life in his Alaskan home, hoping to share what he knew about darkness. Explore Dark Psychology with Emory Green as your willing guide. "There are days when all I see is light because I knew what darkness was. And I understood. In all of us, there's some darkness somewhere within, and also among us, there are some whose darkness they can't be without." ~Emory Green

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