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This Magic Moment: My Journey of Faith, Friends and the Father's Love
This Magic Moment: My Journey of Faith, Friends and the Father's Love
This Magic Moment: My Journey of Faith, Friends and the Father's Love
Audiobook9 hours

This Magic Moment: My Journey of Faith, Friends and the Father's Love

Written by William Morris

Narrated by William Morris

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About this audiobook

This Magic Moment is a heartwarming true story about a white insurance executive’s three-decade friendship with four legendary African American singers and their remarkable journey together. Three were Rock and Roll Hall of Famers – Prentiss Barnes and Harvey Fugua of The Moonglows, Bill Pinkney of The Original Drifters. The fourth was Rufus McKay, a Mississippi treasure and lead singer of The Red Tops. The book is a celebration of the power of music, friendship and trusting God’s plan.

Anyone who fondly remembers the 1950’s and 60’s will love Morris’ vivid descriptions and nostalgic look back at life and culture during these simpler times. Music lovers, especially fans of Doo wop, early R&B, vocal group harmony and Rock and Roll, will appreciate the extensive music history and backstories woven throughout the book and be amazed how a fellow fan, a regular guy “not in the business,” had a front row seat at some of the industry’s biggest events, even performing onstage with some of his heroes. People of faith will be inspired and touched reading how God used Bill and the bonds that were formed among these five men to accomplish His purpose and bless all their lives. Bill knows he only had these amazing experiences because God’s hand was writing the story.

This Magic Moment reminds us that true friendship is possible among people of different backgrounds when we focus on the things we have in common; that music has a magical power to bring people together and instill shared, universal emotion; and that sometimes God works in mysterious ways!

AUTHOR: William H. (Bill) Morris, a lifelong resident of Jackson, Mississippi, is the founder and president of The William Morris Group, an industry-leading insurance consulting and marketing firm. He also published a coffee-table book, Ole Miss at Oxford: A Part of our Heart and Soul.

Release dateDec 10, 2019
This Magic Moment: My Journey of Faith, Friends and the Father's Love

William Morris

William Morris (1834-1896) was an English designer, poet, novelist, and socialist. Born in Walthamstow, Essex, he was raised in a wealthy family alongside nine siblings. Morris studied Classics at Oxford, where he was a member of the influential Birmingham Set. Upon graduating, he married embroiderer Jane Burden and befriended prominent Pre-Raphaelites Edward Burne-Jones and Dante Gabriel Rossetti. With Neo-Gothic architect Philip Webb, the founder of the Arts and Crafts movement, he designed the Red House in Bexleyheath, where he would live with his family from 1859 until moving to London in 1865. As a cofounder of Morris, Marshall, Faulkner, & Co., he was one of the Victorian era’s preeminent interior decorators and designers specializing in tapestries, wallpaper, fabrics, stained glass, and furniture. Morris also found success as a writer with such works as The Earthly Paradise (1870), News from Nowhere (1890), and The Well at the World’s End (1896). A cofounder of the Socialist League, he was a committed revolutionary socialist who played a major part in the growing acceptance of Marxism and anarchism in English society.

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