The Lost Sapphire of Azure Isle
The Lost Sapphire of Azure Isle
The Lost Sapphire of Azure Isle
Audiobook12 hours

The Lost Sapphire of Azure Isle

Written by Vona Stewart

Narrated by VonDexter Montegut II

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

"A fantastical tale of magic and adventure; Stewart's writing hooked me completely."

Hayden Fremont may have survived an attack of killer tarantula fairies, commanded a squadron of lava golems, and freed a fairy queen from her mystical emerald prison, but his journey has only just begun…

Sera, Hayden’s spunky sister, is still imprisoned by someone willing to do almost anything for a bit of power, but before Hayden can rescue her, he must travel to the Azure Isle in search of a missing sapphire.

Sound simple? Not so fast.

President Altair craves Hayden's rare fire magic and has his gas-masked soldiers hunting all of Wayfair for him, but that’s the least of Hayden’s worries. Between the zombie mermaids, sea dragons, and a fanged leviathan, the Azure Isle is not for the faint of heart. When a demon offers Hayden everything he’s ever hoped for, will Hayden remain true to his chosen path? Or will he find the lure of the impossible too tempting to resist?

Listen to the second installment in The Shadow Sovereign Series today!

Release dateNov 14, 2021
The Lost Sapphire of Azure Isle

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