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The Lost Emerald of Briarwood
The Lost Emerald of Briarwood
The Lost Emerald of Briarwood
Audiobook10 hours

The Lost Emerald of Briarwood

Written by Vona Stewart

Narrated by VonDexter Montegut II

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

Fourteen-year-old Hayden doesn't believe in magic. He's never been attacked by dragons, taken a ride on a taxi service staffed by man-eating pegasi, or battled a swarm of killer tarantula fairies. And he's certainly never owned a pair of ensorcelled underpants designed to make the wearer invisible - that would be ridiculous.

All Hayden knows is a wretched life in the overcrowded Arizona foster care system, where miles of red tape often keep him separated from his 12-year-old sister Sera, the only family he has left.

But that's about to change.

When Sera is snatched by a bunch of sharp-toothed goblins, Hayden follows the kidnappers through a portal and into the magical world of Wayfair.

In a place where carnivorous mushrooms lurk in dark forests and people in velvet waistcoats ride spider automatons, Hayden must solve the mystery behind Wayfair’s President and his secret source of power, or his sister may be lost forever.

The Lost Emerald of Briarwood is the first book in Vona Stewart’s Shadow Sovereign series. If you like Harry Potter, Fablehaven, and Percy Jackson, you’ll love this imaginative and exciting magic portal fantasy.

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Release dateAug 26, 2021
The Lost Emerald of Briarwood

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