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Seeds of the Fallen
Seeds of the Fallen
Seeds of the Fallen
Audiobook9 hours

Seeds of the Fallen

Written by Keith Crews

Narrated by John Bell

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

An iron spire of snakes mysteriously appears in the small seaside community of Sea Haven. the towns people, including local reporter Pamela Sussex, are intrigued by the towering monument. However, Pam will soon discover that she has a terrible connection to this spire, one that may very well be spiritually binding. Follow Pam as she discovers her family’s dark secret and unravels a mystery that has been centuries in the making. And see how fate can be a difficult road to navigate, especially when you’re running with the Devil. Prophesy, theology, and demonology, all come together in this fast paced story that delves deep into the matters of spiritual faith, transcendental love, and ultimately the personal journey of self-forgiveness.

Published by Diavalo Publishing. Distributed by Big Happy Family LLC.

Release dateFeb 19, 2012

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