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This month’s Star Letter wins the perfect partner for winter rides, a pair of Weise Malmo gloves. Waterproof gloves with a snug Thinsulate® G60 thermal lining, held firmly in place with mcFit® Technology. RRP £74.99. Find out more at www.weiseclothin
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March 2024 EDITOR: Dave Manning DESIGNER: Charlotte Turnbull PRODUCTION EDITOR: Mike Cowton PUBLISHING DIRECTOR: Dan Savage GROUP ADVERTISING MANAGER: Sue Keily ADVERTISING SALES: Simon Meyer 01507 529310 S
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Test fleet: Kawasaki Versys 650 GT
Cars are different to bikes, right? Yes, I know it’s the number of wheels, but I mean it’s more than that. There are many motorcycles I’ve regretted selling – at least a dozen – but only two cars. There’s now a third, although this one blew up… Today
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Test fleet: Yamaha Ténéré World Raid
Those of you who are detail fanatics and like a bit of number crunching may have noticed what appeared to be a little anomaly last month. I stated that the twin fuel tanks on the World Raid version of the Yamaha Ténéré were good for a decent 200 mile
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The Triumph Tiger has some serious heritage. There’s been one in the range since the 1930s; although it wasn’t until the early 90s that they started to take the shape of the adventure bikes we know, love and buy in big numbers today. The first ‘moder
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KTM Super Duke 1390 R / R EVO
Remember when a 100bhp naked bike seemed like nonsense? Thirty years ago in 1994, when the first KTM Duke 620 was launched, you could just about touch 100 horses with a Triumph Speed Triple 900. Now though, the sky seems to be the limit, with a stack
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They’ll never admit it, but we reckon BMW bosses were a bit surprised by the success of the R nineT retro-ish roadster range. Launched as a sort-of homage to the 1970s R90S superbike, it followed the time-honoured ‘parts bin’ path taken by the likes
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True Value
I’m writing this in mid-January at the point where many of us are struggling with cashflow, thanks to the wallet-stretching excesses of the festive period, and the long, long wait between paydays that’s brought on by that self-same holiday. Consequen
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Test fleet: Suzuki GSX-8S
Winter riding isn’t everyone’s idea of fun and I get that; riding in cold, wet, slippery, greasy conditions, wrapped up like the Michelin man isn’t as pleasant as a fast blast on dry, grippy roads in beautiful sunshine with a set of two-piece leather
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The International Six Day Re-trial
A handful of black and white photographs of motorcycles in the 1949 International Six Day Trial intrigued me. My thoughts became a plan to retrace the original route when a very helpful lady at the Vintage Motorcycle Club HQ replied to my long-shot r
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GlobeBusters 20th Anniversary Trans-Americas Ride The End Of The Road
This has, without a doubt, been the hottest, driest Trans-Americas trip ever... until we crossed the border from northern Chile into Argentina. The customs post is at the peak of an Andean mountain, where it was snowing, and the road was muddy slush.
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Tried & Tested
Tested by Jonathon Schofield | £279.99| If my name was John Wick and I wanted a fully armoured jacket to wear on my bike, but my thoughts were that it should look like an incognito, smart, softshell, trendy piece of fashion, then the
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Twin Attack!
Of course, the Universal Japanese Motorcycle of the late Seventies and Eighties was an air-cooled inline four cylinder machine of fairly conventional architecture: double overhead cams; camchain running in a central tunnel; alternator on the left-han
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Born of Creative Chaos!
The two debut models were joined a year ago by the Super Meteor, the first of a series of custom versions on the same twin-cylinder platform. Royal Enfield CEO, Siddhartha Lal, said he expected these models would have greatest appeal to export custom
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Legal Eagle
Q I was riding through town filtering down the outside of traffic backed up from some roadworks when an old codger in a Capri pulled out from the line of traffic to do a U-turn, and wiped me out. I went down like a sack of potatoes and the old Capri
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Classic Becomes More Modern
The Classic Racing Motorcycle Club (CRMC) is one of the world’s largest and most respected racing motorcycle clubs dedicated to the preservation and use of Classic and Post Classic racing and sports motorcycles. Aiming to provide close racing, full g
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Bimota Tera
This one slipped under the radar a little when it was shown off at the Milan show – it’s no less than a Kawasaki H2 SX supercharged sport-tourer powertrain, inserted into Bimota’s Tesi hub-centre steering chassis. That would be crazy enough – but the
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There Are No Repeats
I’m off to Peru in the late spring. Sitting at home reviewing and revising routes, revisiting lists of hotels, looking at excursions is a fun way to spend a week or so and a great way to refresh my memory. And that is how long it will take. This is a
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What Goes Around
Stay with me here and you’ll see where this is going. In the late ‘80s I was living in Berkeley, California, and working in a bicycle shop called Velo-Sport. I was riding my motorcycle for transportation, but my focus was on the bicycle, on training
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Classic Bike Track Days 24
Focusing on running fun and friendly track days for owners of pre-2000 motorcycles (and some interesting newer bikes, too), the CBTD crew have announced the dates for this year, as follows: Castle Combe April 11/12; Anglesey May 25/26; Suzuki Live Ca
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Test fleet: Suzuki V-Strom 800DE
Sometimes I have to feel sorry for my V-Strom. The poor thing just doesn’t get the full attention it deserves. Despite me generally looking after it well: having it serviced on time, always warming it up carefully, keeping items like the chain consta
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£159.99 | Built to reach a level that many jeans can’t reach, these new denim trousers are AAA-rated, taking Roadskin’s best-selling jeans to a new level of protection, yet without compromising comfort. The safety aspect is covered
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Lands End to John O’Groats - Antipodean style
A Rite of Passage is quite the overworked term, but for motorcyclists in the UK that might include a cuppa at the Ace Cafe in London; spectating at the Isle of Man TT; riding the North Coast 500 in Scotland; or that old favourite, completing the jour
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Motorcycle Character
Much has been said about the wonderful difference said to exist between motorcycles which routinely operate properly, and those with character. That was once just a way to sneer at Japanese bikes that had passed their makers’ extreme durability testi
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SHARP’s Back
Okay, it never really went away, but the UK Government’s SHARP helmet safety ratings scheme has been fairly quiet in recent years, and has fallen off the radar a bit for many riders. It’s set for a boost though, after the Department for Transport rel
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Italian Spark
While it’s easy to dismiss electric bikes as impractical, due to issues with range and a charging network that’s struggling to keep up with growing demand, that doesn’t mean they don’t have their own unique merits which help them stand apart from the
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Balkans and Albania
In association with It was time for a change of country, so the next day we crossed the border across the very corner of Bosnia and Herzegovina into Montenegro, on our way northeast to Jabljak, Montenegro’s highest tow
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Trials And Adventures
Sponsored by In association with I was a latecomer to this party, but the invite sounded like it would be great fun. Riding around the reputable Northumberland 250, alongside good friends, with a long-distance trial thrown in for good measure instan
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TT+ Live Video Passes On Sale
You can now order the 2024 Isle of Man TT+ live video pass, and the price is unchanged from 2023. It’s an inflation-busting £19.99 to watch the whole fortnight of action online, parked on the sofa in your house making funny race bike noises. If you c
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Back In The Day...
This charming piece, not even listed in the issue’s table of contents, was written by R.P., who is only identified by his initials. To my mind, the story has several heroes: the young man who bought a hard-to-get Norton single just after his discharg
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