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‘I Can’t Do A Lot Of Things, But I Can Do This’: How One Chicagoan Is Stepping Up For Migrant Children With Disabilities
CHICAGO — Keinymar Avila, a tiny 7-year-old with microcephaly who has never been separated from her mother, curled up in the arms of a woman she’d recently met. Her mother, Yamile Perez, glanced over at her daughter to make sure all was well as she a
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When Don And Barbara Rickles Met Bob And Ginnie Newhart, They Became Friends For Life — As Told In Judd Apatow’s Latest Film
CHICAGO — Here, ladies and gentlemen, is Bob Newhart: “Somebody called me up and they said, ‘Look, Don Rickles is looking for a best friend … and none of us wanna do it. Would you?’ “And I said, ‘How long?’ “They said, ‘A year at the most.’” Bob Ne
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‘Candy Cane Lane’ Review: My Christmas Wish Is For Eddie Murphy To Find A Better Christmas Movie
Eddie Murphy is 62 and looks about 39. Whatever he’s doing, it’s working — but the same can’t be said for his most recent projects. “Candy Cane Lane” is one of a three-picture deal Murphy has with Amazon, along with the recent, disheartening comedy “
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Catholic School, Augustinians Settle Sex Abuse Lawsuit For $2 Million, Activists File Complaint Against Chicagoland Dioceses
CHICAGO — Anti-abuse activists lodged a Vatican complaint Thursday in response to a $2 million lawsuit settled by a New Lenox Catholic school and the Augustinian religious order, alleging that the “actions and inaction” by Chicagoland Catholic leader
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Corey Perry Apologizes After His Ouster From Blackhawks And Refutes Speculation: ‘I Have Let You All Down’
CHICAGO — A day after the Chicago Blackhawks formally cut ties with Corey Perry, the NHL veteran issued a statement Thursday apologizing to the team, fans and others, and acknowledged “I am embarrassed and I have let you all down.” The former Hawks w
Chicago Tribune4 min readCrime & Violence
Commentary: How ‘We The People’ Are Overturning The Supreme Court
Who interprets the Constitution? For many decades, the answer to this question was almost always the U.S. Supreme Court. But in the past few years, a dramatic shift has started taking place. Increasingly, voters are taking constitutional interpretati
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He Wrote A Famous Letter To His White Friends In 2021. Now He’s Reclaimed A Property Where Black Families Had Been Pushed Out
CHICAGO -- Evanston, Illinois, resident Steven Rogers penned the 2021 book “A Letter to My White Friends and Colleagues: What You Can Do Right Now to Help the Black Community.” Released on the one-year anniversary of George Floyd’s killing, it offere
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Lawyers For Ex-Ald. Ed Burke Move For Mistrial Over ‘Corrupt’ Comment From Witness
Lawyers for former Chicago Ald. Edward Burke have filed a formal motion for a mistrial in his high-profile corruption case, arguing a witness’ off-the-cuff remark that Burke’s actions seemed “corrupt” has tainted the jury and violated Burke’s due pro
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Jurors Hear ‘Tuna’ Recording For First Time After Judge In Ex-Ald. Burke Trial Rejects Request For Mistrial
Jurors in ex-Ald. Ed Burke’s federal corruption trial on Thursday finally heard, in Burke’s own voice, a phrase already infamous in Chicago political history: “So did we land the, uh, the tuna?” The “tuna” was tax business from developers of the mass
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Commentary: My Students In Prison Have Complex Pasts But Are Now Creating New Stories
In mid-November, 16 men were the first incarcerated students to graduate with a bachelor’s degree from Northwestern University. As an educator in the program, I have learned that their stories are crucial for healing and growth — for them, certainly,
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‘Maestro’ Review: Bradley Cooper Wields The Baton As Leonard Bernstein. But Carey Mulligan Conducts The Movie
Netflix must be doing something right. Killing its own movies’ theatrical prospects prior to streaming, however, isn’t it. It’s stupid, certainly in the case of “Maestro,” the new film from director, co-writer, producer and star Bradley Cooper. The f
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Picking Through My Awkward Vinyl Past With Jeff Tweedy, Whose New Book Is ‘World Within A Song’
CHICAGO — The road manager for Jeff Tweedy looked at me as if he were being solicited at the airport. Or rather, it was a look I’m guessing he reserves for those times when someone thinks of him as a conduit for getting a band’s demo into Wilco’s han
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Groupon Is Downsizing Once-massive Chicago Headquarters
Struggling online marketplace Groupon, whose massive River North headquarters were once the nexus of the Chicago tech ecosystem, is moving to the Loop and downsizing to a 25,000-square-foot space in the Leo Burnett building. In January, Groupon will
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Paul Sullivan: Andre Dawson Fighting The Odds To Get His Hall Of Fame Plaque’s Cap Changed. ‘My Preference All Along Was As A Cub.’
CHICAGO — Andre Dawson never has let the odds bother him. The former Chicago Cubs slugger overcame 12 knee surgeries during his 21-year, Hall of Fame career, and he famously offered the Cubs a blank contract as a free agent in spring training of 1987
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‘Slow Horses’ Review: Violence Overwhelms Season 3 Of The Sardonic Spy Series
The third season of “Slow Horses” is initially about files. That’s right, paperwork. Scintillating! That’s not sarcasm. I’m a sucker for paperwork stories. And it feels like the right choice for this sardonic, John Le Carre-flavored spy series set in
Chicago Tribune3 min readCrime & Violence
Commentary: Guilty Plea Of Highland Park Shooting Suspect’s Father Should Be A Wake-up Call For Parents
Robert Crimo Jr.’s guilty plea to reckless conduct for helping his son obtain authorization to own firearms three years before Robert Crimo III allegedly opened fire on Highland Park, Illinois, paradegoers should be a wake-up call to everyone: If you
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Protesters In Chicago Neighborhood Speak Out Against Migrant Camp As Construction Begins
CHICAGO — Winterized tent structures began to take shape Wednesday on the Southwest Side at Chicago’s first government-run tent encampment for migrants despite continued protests from neighbors and contradictory messages from local, city and state of
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Biden EPA Proposes Requirements For Utilities To Remove Toxic Lead Water Pipes Within A Decade; Chicago Likely To Get More Time
CHICAGO — President Joe Biden’s administration is moving to require utilities to replace every toxic lead pipe connecting homes to water mains during the next decade, though Chicago and several other cities likely will get more time to finish the job
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Editorial: Israelis With Loved Ones Held In Gaza Poured Their Hearts Out To Us. One Just Got Good News, Gratefully
Our guests from Israel sat across from us around a large table. They spoke not of politics so much as personal pain. What did they know of the whereabouts of their family members who had been taken hostage by Hamas, we asked them. Very little, they s
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Are There Any Secrets Left In Chicago? Author Lauren Viera Says There Are 500 Of Them
CHICAGO — Knowing that the world’s secrets are as close as your phone or computer keyboard — “Alexa, what’s the meaning of life?” — do we really need to buy and read books that claim to offer answers to questions we’ve never asked? There have been pr
Chicago Tribune5 min readCrime & Violence
Jurors In Ex-Alderman Edward Burke's Corruption Trial Hear First Secret Recordings By FBI Mole Daniel Solis
CHICAGO — Chicago Ald. Daniel Solis had been newly minted as an FBI mole in August 2016 when he was instructed to call his then-powerful colleague, Ald. Edward Burke, and talk about the massive $600 million renovation of the Old Post Office. After so
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Artūras Karnišovas Faces Reality Of Bulls’ Dismal 5-14 Start: ‘I’m Not Running From It. It’s My Responsibility.’
CHICAGO — The Chicago Bulls are stuck in a hole. It’s unavoidable. And executive vice president of basketball operations Artūras Karnišovas knows it. A 5-14 record. A five-game losing streak. A star player pushing for a trade. The first five weeks of
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In 1st Trial Of Its Kind In The US, Irish Startup Spreads Concrete Dust On Illinois Farm Field To Remove CO2 From The Air
Over the course of millions of years, the earth regularly removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through a natural process called weathering, when exposure to the elements wears down surface rocks and silicate minerals. But at the rate humans hav
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An Emotional Kyle Davidson Addresses Blackhawks’ Decision To Waive Corey Perry For ‘Unacceptable’ Conduct
CHICAGO — The Chicago Blackhawks waived veteran forward Corey Perry on Tuesday because of undisclosed misconduct, the team said. “After an internal investigation, the Chicago Blackhawks have determined that Corey Perry has engaged in conduct that is
Chicago Tribune4 min read
Foundation Of Late Chicago Entrepreneur Sue Gin Announces $21 Million Donation For Nonprofit To Fight Gun Violence In The City
Nine years after the death of Sue Gin, a pioneering Chicago entrepreneur, her newly active foundation is taking up the fight against gun violence in the city where she built her career. The Sue Ling Gin Foundation announced its first major gift Tuesd
Chicago Tribune3 min read
Chicago’s First Migrant Camp Slated To Begin Construction, As Environmental Report Remains Pending
Workers are set to start building Chicago’s first government-run tent encampment for migrants at a Southwest Side lot, officials said after a series of recent false starts and stops over the controversial base camp. Workers on Tuesday will “lay out m
Chicago Tribune3 min readPoverty & Homelessness
Editorial: Instead Of Cutting Nutrition Benefits For Poor Mothers And Their Kids, House GOP Should Seek Reform
This was supposed to be the year for a new Farm Bill, the five-year legislation that funds farm subsidy programs, conservation efforts and food assistance for low-income Americans. Unsurprisingly, our dysfunctional Congress couldn’t get its act toget
Chicago Tribune9 min read
Want To Drive Past The ‘Home Alone’ House? Or The Church? A Tour Of 12 Filming Locations Around Chicago
CHICAGO — The 600 block of Lincoln Avenue in Winnetka appears, at first glance, like any other well-heeled North Shore neighborhood with stately, million-dollar homes on generously sized lots. And maybe it was before Nov. 16, 1990 — the day “Home Alo
Chicago Tribune4 min readInternational Relations
Commentary: What Will Happen After The Israel-Hamas Truce Expires?
Last week, I questioned whether Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Hamas would be able to hammer out a short-term truce that would include the simultaneous release of hostages on both sides. We received the answer last Tuesday. Working thr
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Blackhawks Waive Corey Perry After A Team Investigation Finds ‘Unacceptable’ Conduct By The Veteran Forward
CHICAGO — The Chicago Blackhawks waived veteran forward Corey Perry on Tuesday because of undisclosed misconduct, the team said. “After an internal investigation, the Chicago Blackhawks have determined that Corey Perry has engaged in conduct that is
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