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Landfill Study Shows Flawed Detection Methods, Higher Methane Emissions In Illinois, Other States
CHICAGO — The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s method of detecting methane leaks at landfills is flawed, and emissions of this powerful heat-trapping gas are likely much higher than what is being reported, according to a new study analyzing lan
Chicago Tribune5 min readSecurity
Cyberattacks On Ascension, Lurie Are The Latest In A String Of Health Care Breaches
First, they went after Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago. Next, cybercriminals attacked Ascension, a large nationwide health system with 14 hospitals in Illinois. In both cases, the hospital systems kept providing care, but took down their electro
Chicago Tribune3 min read
Movie Review: ‘Gasoline Rainbow’ Is A Memorable Teenage Road Trip Along An Improvised Oregon Trail
CHICAGO — Wiley, Oregon is a nowhere kind of one-stoplight town. It’s not even that: The droopy overhanging traffic light blinks only yellow. No traffic. Just the light. This forlorn image signals the start of one end of “Gasoline Rainbow,” the lates
Chicago Tribune7 min read
The Bugs Are Coming! If A Cicada Invasion Sounds Familiar, Thank Hollywood
CHICAGO — Magicicada septendecim, also known as Brood XIII, also known as the 17-year locust, also known as the Northern Illinois Brood, also known as the cicada you’re most likely to squash (with malice or not) in the next few weeks, has burning red
Chicago Tribune4 min readDiscrimination & Race Relations
Commentary: Will Federal Negotiations With Texas School District Turn The Tide For DEI?
Earlier this month, the U.S. Department of Education notified the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund that it had contacted a school district in Southlake, Texas, to begin negotiating a resolution agreement in civil rights complaints from four f
Chicago Tribune4 min readWorld
In Chicago Pro-Palestinian Rally, Coalition Calls For Mobilization Ahead Of DNC In August
Outside the 18th District Chicago police station, a group gathered Sunday afternoon waving Palestinian flags and wearing kaffiyehs in the first of many actions ahead of the Democratic National Convention being held in the city in August. In a content
Chicago Tribune3 min read
After A 17-year Wait, Cicadas Emerge A Little Early In Chicago Area: ‘It’s A Milestone’
CHICAGO — It’s official, Chicagoland. Periodical cicadas have arrived. The large insects, which last emerged in the area 17 years ago, have been spotted in droves in pockets of the city and suburbs. On certain streets on the Far Southwest Side Saturd
Chicago Tribune5 min read
Miscommunication In Migrant Shelters Leads To Confusion And Worry
CHICAGO — Gladys Heredia, a 58-year-old diabetic grandmother from Peru, said city officials told her Wednesday that after June 10, she could no longer stay at a migrant shelter in the Streeterville area because it is shutting down. She said she’s wor
Chicago Tribune4 min read
10 Movies For Summer 2024: Sequels And Reboots, But Fingers Crossed For A Surprise
A century ago, or so it feels, there was a time of pink and fiery atomic orange, when moviegoing turned back into a communal miracle, Hollywood beat the odds and two movies that weren’t sequels to anything opened up against each other and ended up li
Chicago Tribune3 min read
Lawmakers Move Bills Aimed At Addressing Opioid Crisis
CHICAGO — Illinois lawmakers are considering several measures aimed at addressing the opioid overdose crisis and putting a greater emphasis on harm reduction, though some of the more controversial proposals with that approach have stalled. With one w
Chicago Tribune2 min read
Chicago Tribune Journalists File Lawsuit Alleging Pay Discrimination Against Female And Black Employees
Seven Chicago Tribune journalists filed an equal pay lawsuit Thursday in Chicago federal court against the newspaper and its owner, Alden Global Capital, alleging female and African American employees unfairly receive lower compensation for their wor
Chicago Tribune2 min readCrime & Violence
6 Charged In Alleged Conspiracy To Stage Armed Robberies To Qualify For U.S. Visas For Crime Victims
CHICAGO — Six people have been charged in federal court in Chicago with conspiring to stage armed robberies across the city and suburbs to qualify for U.S. immigration visas reserved for crime victims. The indictment made public Friday alleged that f
Chicago Tribune3 min read
Commentary: When It Comes To Russia, Containment Still Isn’t Enough
The document that largely defined American foreign policy through the Cold War years was written anonymously by a prickly and melancholic Midwesterner who spent much of the rest of his life disavowing the repercussions of his work. George F. Kennan,
Chicago Tribune5 min readCrime & Violence
More Than 112,000 Illinois Residents Have Lost The Right To Own Guns. The State Doesn’t Know If 84,000 Still Have Them, Sheriff Says
CHICAGO — More than 112,000 Illinois residents have been deemed too dangerous to own guns, but the state doesn’t know if 84,000 of those people still have them, according to a new analysis by the Cook County sheriff’s department. The number lays bare
Chicago Tribune3 min read
Commentary: We Need To Invest In A High-speed Rail Future
Two and a half hours. That is how quickly one could travel from Chicago to St. Louis with new high-speed rail infrastructure. That could cut travel time nearly in half from current levels, saving millions of riders something money can’t often buy: ti
Chicago Tribune4 min read
‘The Big Cigar’ Review: When A Black Panther Founder Fled To Cuba With The Help Of A Hollywood Producer
Stop me if you’ve heard this one: A Black Panther revolutionary and a Hollywood insider walk into a bar … and plan a caper that has the latter helping to smuggle the former out of the country. That story — about political activist Huey P. Newton and
Chicago Tribune3 min read
US Reaches A New Clean Energy Milestone, With 5 Million Solar Projects Installed
When Peter Gorr got his first solar roof in 2011, he didn’t know what to expect. But installation went smoothly, the smooth black panels lowered his electric bills, and Gorr — who is very concerned about climate change — relished the opportunity to l
Chicago Tribune4 min read
‘STAX: Soulsville U.S.A.’ Review: The Rise And Fall Of The Record Label That Gave Us Otis Redding And Isaac Hayes
The rise and fall of Stax Records, the influential but underdog label based in Memphis, Tennessee, is the subject of the HBO documentary “STAX: Soulsville U.S.A.” It is a story of musical genius but also racism, personal tragedies and corporate greed
Chicago Tribune4 min read
Chicago Suburbs Are A Big Population Loser In Recent Years, Census Estimates Show
Though the city of Chicago has lost residents in recent years, the suburbs in Cook County have lost more, while suburbs far from the city are booming, new U.S. census estimates show. Chicago lost about 82,000 people, or 3% of its population, from Apr
Chicago Tribune3 min read
What We Heard At The NBA Combine, Including Bronny James On His Future And Terrence Shannon Jr. Addressing His Arrest
CHICAGO — All eyes were on Bronny James this week in Chicago as the son of Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James showed out at the NBA combine at Wintrust Arena. James isn’t projected to be picked in the first round of the NBA draft. In fact, most moc
Chicago Tribune3 min read
More Illinois Health Care Facilities Would Have To Report Patient Abuse Under New Bill
Doctors’ offices and clinics affiliated with hospitals would have to report allegations of patient abuse to the state health department under a measure introduced by Illinois lawmakers this week — legislation that comes about three months after a Chi
Chicago Tribune8 min read
Christopher Borrelli: Kids Like To Swear. Do I Blame Olivia Rodrigo? Or Do I Blame Myself?
CHICAGO — I turned to the parent next to me and asked what she was going to do about all the, you know … I didn’t want to say it. The what, the parent asked. All of the swearing, the F-bombs and such, I said. This was several weeks ago, at the United
Chicago Tribune3 min read
Chicago Police Clear DePaul University’s Pro-Palestinian Encampment
CHICAGO — Chicago police dismantled DePaul University’s pro-Palestine encampment Thursday morning after administrators signed a complaint alleging trespassing by the protestors, officials said. University leaders said Saturday they had reached an imp
Chicago Tribune3 min read
Chicago Youth Struggle With Higher Rates Of Unemployment Post-pandemic, New Report Finds. ‘I Need A Job ASAP’
As Carmell Massey and Saul Rodriguez, both 18, get ready to graduate next month from Innovations High School, the teens said they are afraid of being out of school and jobless as they are having a hard time finding employment. “I am struggling, and i
Chicago Tribune4 min read
Rick Kogan: ‘Underbelly’ Podcast Offers A Most Compelling Tale Of A Most Unlikely Spy And His Chicago Connections
CHICAGO — If you have never met a real spy in person — and who has? — you nevertheless carry an image of a spy in your mind and it may be that of James Bond, Napoleon Solo, Jason Bourne, George Smiley or maybe some combination of those and others. Th
Chicago Tribune2 min read
Dom’s, Foxtrot Parent Files For Bankruptcy In Wake Of Abrupt Closure
Foxtrot and Dom’s parent company Outfox Hospitality filed for bankruptcy Tuesday, weeks after the companies abruptly shuttered all stores. Outfox, the parent of both companies since they merged nearly six months ago, filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy
Chicago Tribune4 min read
Editorial: The IRS Gets Back On Its Feet. Time To Crack Down On Wealthy Cheaters
Abraham Kiswani headed a thriving security firm in the Chicago suburbs when he had the bright idea to stop issuing himself payroll checks and instead issue checks that were falsely labeled “subcontracted services.” He then proceeded to underreport ne
Chicago Tribune2 min read
Northwestern To Play Ohio State, Illinois At Wrigley Field This Season While Ryan Field Undergoes A Rebuild
CHICAGO — Northwestern University announced the Wildcats will be taking on the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Illinois Fighting Illini at Wrigley Field during the 2024 football season, according to a news release from the university. Those games, on Nov
Chicago Tribune3 min read
After Long Legal Saga, Gerald Reed Acquitted At Retrial For Chicago Double Murder
CHICAGO — Gerald Reed, who has long alleged he was a victim of police torture, was acquitted Wednesday after a retrial of his double-murder case, killings for which he had spent some three decades in prison. In a meticulous ruling from the bench, Cir
Chicago Tribune3 min read
Bears 2024 Schedule: 3 Prime-time Games, A London Meeting — And All 6 NFC North Matchups In Last 8 Weeks Of Season
CHICAGO — The Caleb Williams era in Chicago will begin Sept. 8 at Soldier Field when the Bears open the 2024 regular season against the Tennessee Titans. In Week 2 of his rookie year, Williams will be featured in prime time against the Houston Texans
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