Global Voices5 min read
Benjamin Zephaniah, A Unique British Poet With Caribbean Roots And A Wide Appeal In A Multicultural Society, Passes On At Age 65
He became a beloved artist and performer who crossed all boundaries and sought to heal the fractured society engendered by colonialism, racism and social injustice.
Global Voices4 min readInternational Relations
Graves Of Nepali Migrant Soldiers In Russia Shocked Their Family Members
Russia is recruiting job seeking Nepali migrants under a Special Military Operations agreement to fight for the country at the Russo-Ukrainian War and a number of Nepalis had been killed.
Global Voices5 min read
EU-registered Vessels Overexploit And Export Small Pelagic Fish In African Waters, Investigation Shows
EU fishing fleets in the West African region, "particularly the East European vessels, continue to disregard their obligations to embark scientific observers on board, while they fish unsustainably."
Global Voices5 min read
Australia's Bid To Co-host COP31 Climate Conference Faces Obstacles
Since the election of the new Labor government in 2022, Australia’s international reputation regarding climate action has risen considerably as result of stronger emissions targets and its enhanced safeguard mechanisms.
Global Voices4 min read
How EU-registered Vessels Use Flags Of Convenience To Mask Illegal, Unreported, And Unregulated Fishing Practices In West Africa
' ... marine experts confirmed that the 'flag of convenience' is exploited by unscrupulous operators to evade accountability for illegal fishing, human rights violations, and other crimes.'
Global Voices7 min read
How Climate Change Is Affecting Mental Health In Some Of The Caribbean's Indigenous Communities
"Climate change events [cause] a disconnection through displacement and loss of our homes, our land, and our ways of doing things. Having to relocate and start over is traumatic."
Global Voices5 min read
Barefoot Exodus In Gaza
What's the ideal shoe for escaping death? From a child unable to fix a broken shoe, fearing being targeted, to a baby with blistered feet, and parents forgetting shoes while carrying their children.
Global Voices5 min readPopular Culture & Media Studies
Private Firms Profiting From Your Vote: The Role Of The Influence Industry Around The World
Digital campaigning tactics remain a key topic in 2024 elections around the world. These tools, mainly managed by private companies, are used by political actors to influence election outcomes worldwide.
Global Voices5 min read
Steelpan Virtuoso Earl Rodney Dies At 85, Leaving ‘Quality’ Music And Questions As To Whether Trinidad & Tobago Could Be Doing More To Honour Its Cultural Icons
He was always pushing musical boundaries [...] contributing to a new representation of local music in which he fused African rhythms and American funk, merged with pan and percussion.
Global Voices5 min read
As COP28 Launches A Loss And Damage Fund, Devastating Rains Highlight Caribbean Islands’ Increasing Vulnerability To Climate Change Impacts
The picture in Jamaica is similar to elsewhere in the Caribbean, where there are fears about food security as a result of repeated “natural disasters” caused by human-induced climate change.
Global Voices5 min read
Undertones: From India To Bharat, A Decolonial Rebrand Or An Erasure?
India is a wider term encompassing the country’s secular and multicultural nature, while Bharat comes from a Sanskrit term with ethnoreligious undertones.
Global Voices5 min readGender Studies
Turkmenistan Remains Unsafe For Women
One in every six women experienced violence from their current or former partner, according to the first-ever national survey of domestic violence in 2020.
Global Voices5 min readCrime & Violence
‘Code Amber’ Turned Into The Black Ribbon: North Macedonia Mourns 14-year-old Abducted Girl Found Dead
The disappearance and confirmation of the abduction and murder of a teenage girl in Skopje and a senior citizen in Veles sent shockwaves through Macedonian society, as authorities speedily unraveled the case.
Global Voices9 min readCrime & Violence
Violence In Brazil’s Schools: ‘No Attacks Were Planned Or Conceived Of Offline’
A report detailed 36 attacks on schools in Brazil between 2002 and October 2023, 16 of them this year. Daniel Cara, the project coordinator, talked to Global Voices about what's behind this issue.
Global Voices3 min readGender Studies
Police Immediately Raids LGBTQ+ Clubs In Moscow After Russia Bans ‘International LGBTQ+ Movement’
LGBTQ+ people  in Russia say that they are afraid that anyone identifying as LGBTQ+ could now be announced as "extremist" and criminally punished.
Global Voices5 min readDiscrimination & Race Relations
Is Selective Coverage Of Israel’s War On Gaza In The Czech Republic Following Or Creating Anti-Semitism?
“Selective media coverage among the most-followed outlets polarizes society, fostering an environment conducive to aggression and hate speech.”
Global Voices5 min read
Hong Kong Protest Leader Agnes Chow Skips Bail And Leaves The City For Good
Hong Kong pro-democracy activist Agnes Chow broke her silence and announced that she would not return to the city in December, thereby violating the Hong Kong police's bail conditions. 
Global Voices4 min readCrime & Violence
From Hun Sen To Hun Manet: The Worrying State Of Free Speech In Cambodia
"Targeting journalists — particularly those who are reporting on human rights topics — undermines freedoms of expression and the press, which threatens the public’s access to information."
Global Voices3 min read
It's The International Day Of Persons With Disabilities, And Trinidad & Tobago Still Has A Long Way To Go
The most effective way to deal with the attitudinal and systemic barriers many people with disabilities experience on a daily basis in Trinidad and Tobago, is through legislative implementation.
Global Voices4 min readCrime & Violence
In Azerbaijan, Five Journalists Arrested In Ten Days
The authorities failed to produce any evidence on the charges leveled against four Abzas Media journalists and in the case of arrested Kanal 13 journalist Aziz Orujov.
Global Voices5 min read
A Movement Is Growing Across Africa And Diaspora Demanding Reparations For The Impacts Of Slavery And Colonialism
"The demand for reparations is not an attempt to rewrite history or to continue the cycle of victimization. It's a call to recognize the undeniable truth and rewrite the wrongs ..."
Global Voices2 min read
Global Voices Seeks Researchers From El Salvador To Participate In Our Civic Media Observatory Projects
Researchers should either be based in or have strong knowledge and ongoing access to local information from El Salvador.
Global Voices4 min read
As Nepali Villages Modernize, Mokha Art Is On The Verge Of Disappearing
Nepal’s village landscapes were once dominated by bamboo and mud-walled houses and Tharu homes were decorated with beautiful mokha art. However, modernisation is killing this artform.
Global Voices5 min readInternational Relations
The Closer Venezuela Gets To Voting On Annexation Of The Essequibo, The More Tense The Border Dispute With Guyana Becomes
Venezuela will hold a referendum to gauge support for the annexation of the Essequibo region, and Guyana has petitioned the International Court of Justice to stop the vote.
Global Voices3 min readInternational Relations
Expert Opinions Differ On How Much Of An Impact G20 Membership Will Have For Africa
"Some experts anticipate positive economic growth and collaboration, while others express skepticism, questioning the effectiveness of the AU and the G20's ability to address Africa's unique challenges."
Global Voices3 min read
Bosnian Volunteer Firefighters: Courage, Leadership, And Unity
The Turbe Fire Department in central Bosnia and Herzegovina proudly stands as a pillar of the community. Its 50 members, including 28 young volunteers, are unwaveringly dedicated to the protection and safety of their fellow citizens.
Global Voices5 min readChemistry
Why Green Hydrogen Holds A Lot Of Potential For Trinidad & Tobago
Trinidad and Tobago has the building blocks to position itself as a regional green hydrogen trading, storage and production hub, making GH2 a viable decarbonisation option.
Global Voices5 min read
The Death And Rebirth Of The Distinctive Sounds Of Zambia
Zambia’s contemporary music has not only evolved to become diverse in genre but in gender too; many female artists are pushing back against the historically patriarchal music space.
Global Voices3 min read
‘The Eagle Has Landed’ And Trinidad And Tobago Social Media Users Are Thrilled
It's a phrase that gained widespread recognition during one of the most historic events of the 20th century. It's also a phrase that Trinbagonians use to communicate they've been paid.
Global Voices5 min read
A Lucky Gazan Routine?
I try to sleep through the noises of heavy bombing sounds and news reports on the radio. My eyes get heavier and heavier. And then my mind eventually gives up and I drift off to sleep.
…Or Discover Something New