Global Voices5 min readChemistry
Why Green Hydrogen Holds A Lot Of Potential For Trinidad & Tobago
Trinidad and Tobago has the building blocks to position itself as a regional green hydrogen trading, storage and production hub, making GH2 a viable decarbonisation option.
Global Voices5 min read
The Death And Rebirth Of The Distinctive Sounds Of Zambia
Zambia’s contemporary music has not only evolved to become diverse in genre but in gender too; many female artists are pushing back against the historically patriarchal music space.
Global Voices3 min read
‘The Eagle Has Landed’ And Trinidad And Tobago Social Media Users Are Thrilled
It's a phrase that gained widespread recognition during one of the most historic events of the 20th century. It's also a phrase that Trinbagonians use to communicate they've been paid.
Global Voices5 min read
A Lucky Gazan Routine?
I try to sleep through the noises of heavy bombing sounds and news reports on the radio. My eyes get heavier and heavier. And then my mind eventually gives up and I drift off to sleep.
Global Voices5 min read
How Newborns And Their Mothers Are Vulnerable To Climate Change
The findings of a 2020 study showed a relationship between pregnant women's exposure to heat and air pollution and preterm birth, low birth weight, and stillborn babies.
Global Voices8 min read
Interview With The Political Figure Boubacar Touré On The Coup Which Overthrew Niger's President
The risk of pitting various African countries against one another since the Niger coup seems to be increasing while an ultimatum from the African Union lies fallow.
Global Voices5 min readGender Studies
Fighting Violence Against Women In Turkey Is No Easy Feat
The AKP has taken a number of controversial stances against gender equality in recent years.
Global Voices4 min read
Maldives’ New President Formally Requests India Withdraw Troops From Its Borders
On the first day of his office, pro-China President Mohamed Muizzu formally requested the Indian Government to withdraw its troops stationed in the Maldives, making headlines in both countries.
Global Voices4 min read
‘Well, Well, Well': What The Fuss About Trinidad & Tobago's National Anthem Is All About
Trinidad and Tobago soca singer Iwer George's use of the country's national anthem in his Carnival 2024 track “Happy People” made many people decidedly unhappy.
Global Voices4 min readWorld
What Can Taiwan Learn From Ukraine? Interview With Disinformation And Civil Defense Expert Puma Shen
Can Taiwan learn from Ukraine as it faces military threats from China? Global Voices interviewed Puma Shen, a Taiwanese disinformation expert after his first visit to Ukraine in September.
Global Voices4 min read
How Rugby Became Part Of The DNA Of South Africans
How did South Africa reach the pinnacle of four rugby World Cup wins? And how did a team that symbolized the Afrikaner heartland, and apartheid, come to be embraced by South Africans of all colors? 
Global Voices4 min readPopular Culture & Media Studies
Navigating The Media Landscape In Zambia
The Freedom House report categorizes Zambia as "partly free," giving it a score of 54 out of 100 because of restrictive laws that limit political space and online speech.
Global Voices3 min read
Australian Journalist Pushes Back Against Anti-LGBTQ+ Trolls
"I don't want people to feel like I'm not their broadcaster. But equally if I'm not my authentic self, I can't do my job well."
Global Voices5 min readWorld
One Year After The Ürümqi Fire That Kicked Off Protests Across China: Interview With Uyghur Activist Rushan Abbas
Global Voices interviewed Uyghur activist Rushan Abbas to assess how the human rights situation of Uyghurs has changed since the Ürümqi fire and talk about the future of Uyghur-Han Chinese relations.
Global Voices5 min readInternational Relations
When The Messages Stopped
"After Israel has bombed Gaza into the Dark Ages again, arrested and killed hundreds elsewhere, what then? Will Israeli soldiers occupy the Strip? Will they tighten the siege forever, or in their words, repeatedly 'mow the lawn?'"
Global Voices5 min read
Senegalese Music: A National Emblem, Renowned Worldwide
Once dominated by music from other countries, Senegalese contemporary music manages to raise Senegal's prominence both on the continent and world stage, making it a national emblem.
Global Voices3 min read
Democratic Republic Of Congo: What To Read And Who To Follow To Understand The Social And Political Situation
The pre-election period is often fuelled by socio-political debates and the media serves as an ideal format for the candidates to make themselves heard by the masses.
Global Voices5 min readGender Studies
Portraits Of Exile: Feminista Group's Ongoing Struggle For Justice In Iran
Activists Maryam Bahrami and Setayesh Hadizadeh share their 80-day sit-in experiences in Berlin, advocating for reduced Germany-Iran diplomatic relations to protest human rights violations in Iran.
Global Voices4 min readWorld
Statement: Israeli Occupying Forces Launch A New Campaign Targeting Journalists And Media Outlets In Palestine
Global Voices stands with 29 human rights organizations in solidarity with Gaza journalists. We demand Israel's compliance with international law and the protection of journalists' safety in Gaza.
Global Voices6 min readCrime & Violence
In Madagascar, Andry Rajoelina's Dual Nationality Courts Controversy On Eve Of Presidential Election
Madagascar controversy: according to the law, having another nationality voids Madagascar nationality, a prerequisite for election candidates. Yet candidate Andry Rajoelina owns a French passport.
Global Voices5 min read
Undertones: What Pop Culture Tells Us About Myanmar’s Politics
Democracy activists say that military junta is investing in the entertainment industry to distract people from the violent regime.
Global Voices4 min readPopular Culture & Media Studies
Nepal's TikTok Ban Is The First Step Towards More Government Control On Social Media
On November 13, 2023, the Nepali government imposed a blanket ban on Chinese social media platform TikTok, alleging that the platform was fostering social discord among Nepalis.
Global Voices3 min readInternational Relations
Australia-Tuvalu Falepili Union: Climate Justice Or Defense Treaty?
"Offering residence or citizenship rights to Tuvaluans, though a compassionate response, does not halt the inexorable rise in sea levels."
Global Voices5 min read
What Is A Jab Molassie, And Does It Have A Place In Promoting Tobago's Tourism Offering?
The masquerade is rooted in rebellion, and various iterations of this devil character exist throughout the Caribbean.
Global Voices3 min read
Universal Children’s Day: Post-Covid, Hong Kong Must Ensure Children’s Rights
"This year, 269 students in Hong Kong have attempted to take their own lives, and 37 have succeeded. Among 10,279 arrested from the 2019 protests, 1,754 were teenagers under 18 years old, with the youngest only 11."
Global Voices6 min readWorld
Spontaneous Protests In Today’s Russia Are Extremely Dangerous, But In Dagestan The Practice Continues
The slogan “We will not let Israeli refugees into Dagestan” arose from the assumption that the "Mountain Jews" living in Israel would want to send their women, children, and old people to where they lived before.
Global Voices3 min readCrime & Violence
Numerous Journalists Connected To Azerbaijani News Site Arrested
At least three Azerbaijani journalists were arrested on November 20 from Abzas media in connection with corruption reporting. International press groups are calling for their release.
Global Voices4 min readWorld
Within The Law’s Shadow: The Stealth Erosion Of The Media Environment In South Korea
With national elections on the horizon, the government’s tightening grip on public dissent and media oversight will be a critical test of the country’s commitment to democratic principles and civil liberties.
Global Voices3 min read
How Dominica's Designation Of The World's First Sperm Whale Sanctuary Can Help Fight Climate Change
More sperm whale excrement equals more plankton, which translates into more CO2, a greenhouse gas, being trapped.
Global Voices4 min readCrime & Violence
Silencing The Press: Threats, Violence, And Injustices Against Journalists In Ghana
The disconcerting pattern of incursions into media facilities, often involving armed intruders, vandalization of studio equipment, forceful interference with broadcasts, and the intimidation and assault of hosts and guests, has been closely monitored
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