Global Voices5 min read
Greenpeace Opens Office In Sri Lanka Amid Ongoing Climate Crisis
Global Voices' partner Groundviews spoke to Executive Director of Greenpeace South Asia, Binu Jacob, about the climate challenges facing the region and the role of Greenpeace in combatting climate injustice.
Global Voices3 min readCrime & Violence
Uzbekistan's Recent Anti-religious Measures Present A Worrisome Trend For Its Muslims
This is not the first time Muslims in Uzbekistan, who make up 94 percent of the population, face persecution due to their beliefs.
Global Voices6 min read
Award-winning Documentary ‘The Territory’ Recounts The Struggles And Resilience Of Indigenous Brazilians
The film recounts the struggle of the Indigenous Uru-Eu-Wau-Wau people, in Rondônia state in northern Brazil, to defend the territory against invasions from land grabbers and farmers.
Global Voices4 min readCrime & Violence
In Paraguay, Complaints Of Family Violence Increased By 243% Between 2015 And 2023
The government of Paraguay still has far to go regarding its public policies focused on preventing and containing violence against women in the country.
Global Voices5 min read
‘Am Abgrund’: The Story Of Azerbaijan's Influence In Europe
The movie, which exposes corruption both within Azerbaijan and in numerous European countries, comes at a time of deteriorating ties between Azerbaijan and the West.
Global Voices5 min readWorld
Hong Kong: Annual Prophesy Says ‘All Efforts Will Be In Vain’ This Year Of The Dragon
Some prophecy interpreters refrained from presenting their readings to the public out of fear that negative comments on Hong Kong may cause trouble.
Global Voices4 min readPoverty & Homelessness
The Sustainable Development Goals in Cuba, explained
In Cuba, 22 agencies, funds and programs work, together with state institutions, to contribute to the advancement of sustainable development objectives. Which have been the results?
Global Voices3 min read
An Overview Of The Media Landscape In Tanzania
Reporters Without Borders notes that many media outlets are either owned by politicians or influenced by them, compromising editorial independence and leading to biased coverage.
Global Voices5 min readCrime & Violence
Why Journalists Are Worried About The Five New Offences Proposed In Hong Kong’s Domestic National Security Law
Foreign public broadcasters and media organizations that receive direct or indirect governmental funding, their employees and other collaborating third parties, may be classified as "external forces."
Global Voices6 min readCrime & Violence
Senegal: The Seeds Of An Institutional Coup
By unilaterally and without any legal basis ending the electoral process three weeks early, Macky Sall has plunged Senegal into an unprecedented institutional crisis
Global Voices5 min read
Music Activism As A Form Of Social Resistance
Halldor Kristínarson runs a music journalism blog, Shouts - Music from the rooftops, that highlights underrepresented musicians and music activists from around the world.
Global Voices6 min readGender Studies
The Untold Stories Of Transgender People In Bangladesh As They Navigate Misconceptions
“How would you feel If you were wrapped in an air-tight box? I have been feeling suffocated the exact way throughout my life ..."
Global Voices5 min read
Local Reactions To The Withdrawal Of Burkina Faso, Mali And Niger From ECOWAS
Many view the withdrawal as a reaction to the heavy sanctions imposed by ECOWAS on the three military-led countries.
Global Voices5 min readPopular Culture & Media Studies
Silenced Voices: The X And VPN Ban After Pakistan’s Elections
During the political uncertainty following the elections, the voices of Pakistani citizens have been stifled through Twitter and VPN bans.
Global Voices8 min read
A Veteran Hong Kong Journalist’s Choice To Coexist With Censorship
"My only belief is that it is better to have one more voice than one less and that having one more reporter is better than one less."
Global Voices4 min readCrime & Violence
New Domestic Security Law May Affect Regular News Reporting, Says Hong Kong Press Group
The Journalist Association recommended the authorities to narrow the definition of offences by proving the intention of the offenders to undermine national security and that their acts cause actual damages.
Global Voices2 min read
‘Tek Sleep And Mark Death': Oil Disaster In Tobago Is A Cautionary Tale
The recent environmental disaster in Tobago — and Guyana's emergence as an oil producer — have some Jamaicans wondering if their country is equipped to mitigate the impacts of an oil spill.
Global Voices3 min read
Natural Disasters In Mongolia Grow Worse And Threaten The Future Of Nomadic Way Of Life
Originally published on Global Voices A herder in Mongolia looking over the mountains. Screenshot from video “Race for Tomorrow | Episode 7 | Dzud: Mongolia's Killer Winters” on Simon Mundy's YouTube channel. Fair use. On February 24, the Mongolian S
Global Voices6 min read
A Debt Crisis Looms Over Global Majority Countries
The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development forecasts that the aggressive interest rate pressures initiated by rich countries will cause serious debt distress in the rest of the world.
Global Voices3 min read
Deadly Tribal Clashes Destabilize Papua New Guinea
"We are asking for accountability from our members of Parliament. It doesn't matter whether they are in government or in opposition. This is a national crisis."
Global Voices5 min read
Photo Essay: Communities Still Coping In The Aftermath Of Morocco Earthquake
Months after Morocco’s catastrophic earthquake, thousands of people in the High Atlas Mountains remain homeless and vulnerable as they rebuild their lives ... a long road to recovery lies ahead."
Global Voices4 min readCrime & Violence
Peru's Supreme Court Of Justice Annuls The Judicial Process For Forced Sterilizations Committed During The Fujimori Government
The decision of the Supreme Court comes as a result of the lawsuit filed by the former minister of health of the Fujimori government, to avoid being judicially investigated.
Global Voices4 min read
Why Nigerians Are Facing Daily Challenges Of Inflation, Falling Income, And Rising Insecurity
Amid this worsening economic crisis, there has been a rise in the numbers of kidnappings for money across the country.
Global Voices1 min read
Global Voices Seeks An Administration And Operations Manager
The Administration and Operations Manager will oversee ensure the smooth running of the organization, maintaining operations and financial systems, and supporting projects to meet technical obligations of grants and contracts.
Global Voices4 min read
Which Local Language Is Most Widely Spoken In Togo?
Officially, Togo has two national languages: Éwé and Kabyé. But neither of those is the language that's most widely spoken in the country.
Global Voices5 min readWorld
Despite Escalating Sanctions, Key Machines Imported From East Asia Sustain Russia’s War Effort In Ukraine
Despite sanctions against Moscow in place as early as 2022, Asia remains a major source of key imports for Russia's war effort, including in the area of dual use machines.
Global Voices5 min readCrime & Violence
Kyrgyzstan’s Security Chief Is On A Mission To Solve Every Problem In The Country
Tashiev’s current post is by far the highest and most powerful he has held over his decades-long political career.
Global Voices5 min read
One Man Is Trying To Save A Language In Bangladesh With Only Six Native Speakers
Currently, only six people, all aged over 60, can speak the ethnic Renmingtca language well. If they die, the language and culture will be lost from Bangladesh.
Global Voices4 min read
Indonesian Presidential Winner Charms Youth Vote With Dances, TikTok, And Cats
The winner of Indonesia's presidential election courted the archipelago's youth vote with catchy music, TikTok dances, and photos of cats. However, some aren't forgetting his previous human rights abuses.
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