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About this ebook

Welcome to Miller's Bluff, a dilapidated West Virginia mining town circa 1900, where coal is king and daily life is a struggle. In the midst of his bleak existence, Danny James, a twenty-year-old miner with big dreams and few prospects — save his burgeoning relationship with schoolteacher May Stockton — is forever on the lookout for a means of escape. When a dispute between the coal workers' union and the mine's ruthless and powerful owner, Joe Garvin, reaches a boiling point, Danny finds himself inexorably drawn into the malevolence of Garvin's world.

Release dateApr 5, 2024

Jay Waitkus

Jay Waitkus is an author and journalist based in South Florida. His work as a reporter has appeared in dozens of news outlets, including The South Florida Sun-Sentinel, The Palm Beach Post, Google News, and World News Network. He is also the author of the crime thrillers In the Depths of Shadows, Dividing Line, and Brood of Thieves, as well as several short stories and eBooks.

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