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The Rift Impact: The Evaran Chronicles II, #1
The Rift Impact: The Evaran Chronicles II, #1
The Rift Impact: The Evaran Chronicles II, #1
Ebook424 pages6 hours

The Rift Impact: The Evaran Chronicles II, #1

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About this ebook

When everything appears hopeless, sometimes all you need is a cosmic helping hand.


Dylan Townsend didn't expect to spend his twenty-second birthday on an alien moon in the Andromeda galaxy along with Isaac Barret, and Dr. Kate Minter. They have no idea how they were transported from Earth to an alien world and then put in quarantine. They've lost hope of being rescued and have resigned themselves to spending the rest of their lives on the moon.


The Systral Empire, which captured the humans, has a bigger issue to deal with. A star entity orbits their sun and is growing, blocking out all sunlight. All attempts to remove it have failed. This would impact the moon the humans are on first. Another concern is that portals are opening on Varlon, their home world, and depositing strange aliens.


Enter Evaran and M, two cosmic beings who travel through space, time, and beyond to help those in need. They, along with the Systrals and humans, will have their hands full with all the problems and deeper threats that have yet to reveal themselves. And the Systral Empire's very existence is at stake.

PublisherAdair Hart
Release dateFeb 10, 2024
The Rift Impact: The Evaran Chronicles II, #1

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