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Rescuing Crockett: Silas Grant, #1
Rescuing Crockett: Silas Grant, #1
Rescuing Crockett: Silas Grant, #1
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Rescuing Crockett: Silas Grant, #1

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About this ebook

What if Davy Crockett survived the Alamo?


1838. Silas Grant prepares for a future with the girl of his dreams. The resourceful sixteen-year-old is learning the blacksmith trade from his father and frontier skills from Texas Revolution veterans. But when a portrait of David Crockett triggers hope that the folk hero didn't die two years earlier, Silas joins a quest for the truth.


Exploring a world healing from the war, Silas and his fellow Texians investigate the accounts of Alamo survivors and pursue a witness to the battle's final moments. Their odyssey turns lethal as layers of the last stand's legend peel away to expose a shocking secret.


Will the revelation stun a nation or ignite a fatal showdown?


Rescuing Crockett is the gripping first book of the Silas Grant western historical fiction series. If you like rousing adventure, immersive storytelling, and commitment to authenticity, you'll love David Z. Pyke's captivating tale of redemption that Kirkus Reviews hails as "A thrilling historical drama, as engrossing as it is edifying."


Buy Rescuing Crockett to leave no man behind today!


"Mr. Pyke unfurls a remarkable historical novel.... The characters are well-fleshed out, as real as a Texas storm, and the propulsion of the storyline keeps one glued to the narrative until the very end." Historical Fiction Company


"Rousing adventure, engaging camaraderie between the characters, a smoldering romance.... The story moves fast, despite Pyke's feel for immersive scenic detail and welcome commitment to historical plausibility.... keeping the excitement up while never losing sight of the cast's humanity." —BookLife by Publishers Weekly


"Thoroughly researched with beautifully detailed descriptions." —International Review of Books


"...completely unique and engrossing storyline. The historical details are rich and textured.... These felt so real, and the written visuals are almost cinematic in scope. There is a continued thread of tension and uncertainty throughout the novel.... The twists are wonderful and, aside from feeling immersive, the book is just plain good. An entertaining read and a line of literature that I want more of. Very highly recommended."—Readers' Favorite

Release dateJun 13, 2023
Rescuing Crockett: Silas Grant, #1
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