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Maddie Mine: Boulder Bear Shifters
Maddie Mine: Boulder Bear Shifters
Maddie Mine: Boulder Bear Shifters
Ebook184 pages1 hour

Maddie Mine: Boulder Bear Shifters

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About this ebook

She's on the run from a monster, but I'm here to protect her. No one ever expected me to fail.


Our lives changed the day she stumbled into our small mountain lodge to avoid the dark. I didn't expect anger to surge when she flinched. I didn't expect protectiveness to overflow, or the insatiable need to care for her.

I didn't expect jealousy when my crew wanted to feed her. She didn't expect a fight to break out—and watch me shift into a bear right before her eyes.

My life changed when she found out what we were. Now that she saw it, I can't let her go. I want her to be my mate.

But the life she ran from threatens to invade our newfound happiness. Can we protect her? Or will she pay the price for daring to leave a man of the law?

PublisherRena Marks
Release dateOct 25, 2022
Maddie Mine: Boulder Bear Shifters

Rena Marks

Welcome to my Worlds! Rena Marks is a bestselling author with over eighty-five novels under her belt. She combines her love of science fiction with paranormal romance because no matter what happens in real life, a happy-ever-after never disappoints. Come get lost in my worlds for a few hours!

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