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Walking Through Pain to Purpose: Turning Trauma into Triumph, A Memoir
Walking Through Pain to Purpose: Turning Trauma into Triumph, A Memoir
Walking Through Pain to Purpose: Turning Trauma into Triumph, A Memoir
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Walking Through Pain to Purpose: Turning Trauma into Triumph, A Memoir

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About this ebook

Do you ever feel controlled by your life? Is it hard for you to release anger from the past? Are you just surviving and calling it living? Face your fears and their message! Each experience is perfectly aligned for your purpose, peace, and freedom. Listen and trust. Your life lessons will guide you.

* * *

In her memoir, Lynn Balter shows how she transformed unimaginable traumas into a triumphant life of compassion, purpose, and philanthropy. Her life story illustrates the important lessons she learned while surviving and thriving after childhood trauma, sexual assault, divorce, addiction, cancer (her own and her husband's), her brother's traumatic brain injury, near bankruptcy, near death, and her own co-dependency. Lynn's experience illustrates how each lesson was perfectly intended for her soul's growth.

Ultimately, this extraordinary woman's journey of self-discovery will make you laugh, make you cry, and inspire you to find your own purpose while walking through pain. You'll learn how to shift your intention, heal your wounds, and move forward with meaning to turn any trauma into triumph. As your intention shifts, your growth will shift, and your awareness will open you up to genuine healing, harmony, and happiness.



"I loved this book and could not put it down. Lynn has lived a life that has thrown her some unbelievably cruel and damaging experiences. In each chapter, she points out lessons you can learn from. How Lynn has come through all this turmoil and evolved into an extraordinary woman full of love, kindness, and compassion is astounding. She teaches us to accept, grow, and learn from what life throws at us." --Peter H. Thomas, Founder of Century 21 Canada and LifePilot; Chairman Emeritus, The Entrepreneur Organization

"An extraordinary story about one woman overcoming multiple traumas through unrelenting resilience. I'm confident many people are going to see themselves in at least one part of her story and as a result, experience healing and inspiration." --Dr. Steve Schein, Corporate Sustainability Strategist, Family Business Advisor, author of A New Psychology for Sustainability Leadership

"This book took my breath away. Lynn is authentic, courageous, smart, and filled with heart. She is brave to bare her soul, knowing it will help people everywhere. I think of that young girl, sister, woman, wife, and mother reading Lynn's book and how they might appreciate that they, too, can-and will-overcome life's obstacles and emerge with spirit, love, resilience, and purpose." --Denise D. Resnik, CEO of DRA Collective and nonprofit leader

"Walking Through Pain to Purpose is a story of pain, turmoil, resilience, joy, and triumph. Lynn tells her story with vulnerability and candor in a way that anyone can relate to. Every page left me wanting more. She tenderly gives dignity to the unique beauty of children with autism and other developmental disorders. This book truly shows the beauty and strength of the human spirit." --Marcia Meyer, former CEOPetsMart, Founder & President, The Be Kind Project

"Walking Through Pain to Purpose is an extraordinary journey that allows us to reflect on our own lives-our triumphs, our sorrows, and most importantly, the reality that we each control our destiny in how we live and the power of the actions we take. That perseverance is the key to creating the life we want. A true page-turner." --Renie Cavallari, award-winning author of HeadTrash; Founder & CEO of Powered by Aspire, an award-winning leadership and innovation company; CEO of RCI Institute

Release dateApr 9, 2022
Walking Through Pain to Purpose: Turning Trauma into Triumph, A Memoir

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