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The Panther of Baracoa: Apex Predator
The Panther of Baracoa: Apex Predator
The Panther of Baracoa: Apex Predator
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The Panther of Baracoa: Apex Predator

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About this ebook

"Big story, big adventure, big thumbs-up!"  ~ JAMES ROLLINS, NYT Bestselling Author of Kingdom of Bones


Finally free from his gritty MI6 existence in Pakistan, Martin Blackburn is more than ready to embrace life on a Cuban cocoa plantation to provide a conduit for the United Kingdom to surveille Russian construction of a military and nuclear base.

Just as he releases the mental burdens of the underworld hellholes, a beautiful, black-haired woman approaches Martin on the beach and hands him a USB drive. "You must take this and leave Cuba forever. Once you pass it on, you will no longer be safe in the West, but too many people will suffer if you do not expose this plot."

Suddenly, thugs are shadowing Martin's every step, and MI6 is sending him back to Quetta for an undisclosed mission. Other than his American friend, John Viera, Martin no longer knows who he can trust, but only that there is a mole in the upper echelons of the UK government.

Friend becomes foe and hunter becomes prey when a new predator springs into the shadow world, and Martin is ensnared in the clandestine jungle of the Panther of Baracoa.

Release dateApr 19, 2022
The Panther of Baracoa: Apex Predator
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Bayard and Holmes

Piper Bayard is an author and a recovering attorney with a college degree or two. She is also a belly dancer and a former hospice volunteer. She has been working daily with her good friend Jay Holmes for the past decade, learning about foreign affairs, espionage history, and field techniques for the purpose of writing fiction and nonfiction. She currently pens espionage nonfiction and international spy thrillers with Jay Holmes, as well as post-apocalyptic fiction of her own. Jay Holmes is a forty-something-year veteran of field espionage operations and a senior member of the Intelligence Community with experience spanning from the Cold War fight against the Soviets, the East Germans, and the various terrorist organizations they sponsored to the present Global War on Terror. He is unwilling to admit to much more than that. Piper is the public face of their partnership. Together, Bayard & Holmes author non-fiction articles and books on espionage and foreign affairs, as well as fictional international spy thrillers. They are also the bestselling authors of The Spy Bride from the Risky Brides Bestsellers Collection and were featured contributors for Social In Worldwide, Inc. When they aren’t writing or, in Jay’s case, busy with “other work,” Piper and Jay are enjoying time with their families, hiking, exploring back roads of America, talking foreign affairs, laughing at their own rude jokes until the wee hours, and questing for the perfect chocolate cake recipe. If you think you have that recipe, please share it with them at To keep in touch with Bayard & Holmes and to receive notices of their upcoming releases, subscribe to the Bayard & Holmes Covert Briefing at You can contact Bayard & Holmes at their Contact page at, on Twitter at @piperbayard, on Facebook at Piper Bayard or Bayard & Holmes, or at their email,

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