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Chicks & Chickadees: Bold and Birding
Chicks & Chickadees: Bold and Birding
Chicks & Chickadees: Bold and Birding
Ebook57 pages36 minutes

Chicks & Chickadees: Bold and Birding

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About this ebook

Virtue is a white robe only women get to wear…


Equipped with her Sibley Guide, explorer hat and trusty binoculars, Amanda Byrd tracks the most elusive winged species, solving a few problems along the way.

Everything in this bird tour has gone awry: Lady Byrd wakes up too late, because the tour guide forgot to arrange the morning calls. In a foul mood, she has to get to the site herself. Then, her path crosses that of a pregnant birder in the throes of an abusive relationship, and cornered into a hard choice only women faced. 

What can an expert birder do to lift this fog of sadness?  


A spirited and hopeful story with the energetic Lady Byrd, written by Michèle Laframboise, multi-award winner author and amateur ornithologist.

Release dateApr 17, 2021
Chicks & Chickadees: Bold and Birding
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Michèle Laframboise

A science-fiction lover since childhood, Michèle Laframboise has written 19 novels and published more than 60 short-stories, in French and English. Her short-stories have been published in several magazines: Solaris, Galaxies, Fiction River, Compelling SF, Future SF Digest, Asimov's and Analog, among others.  As a science-fiction writer, she endeavors to find creative solutions to the many challenges that lay before us, creating compelling worlds and memorable characters. / Michèle Laframboise est une ex-scientifique devenue auteure de science-fiction. Elle a publié 19 romans et plus de 60 nouvelles. On peut la lire, entre autres, dans les revues Solaris, Galaxies, Fiction River, Compelling SF, Future SF Digest, Asimov's et Analog.  Sa science fiction cherche toujours des solutions créatives aux défis qui nous attendent et concocte des intrigues captivantes se déroulant dans des mondes empreints de poésie.

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