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People & Places: Walk My Journey
People & Places: Walk My Journey
People & Places: Walk My Journey
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People & Places: Walk My Journey

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About this ebook

Many dream of breaking routines and pushing boundaries for that once-in-a-lifetime experience: taking buses, traveling around Turkey in the thick of winter, or crossing Siberia on the Trans Mongolian Express, or enjoying a campfire under the desert stars on the edge of the Sahara, or watching a bullfight in Madrid. "People & Places: Walk My Journey" is part travelogue and part personal memoir. Some of these journeys were geographical ones while some were inner journeys, inspired by the writer's recollections of people who she crossed path with. The essays were intended to give the reader a feel for the place.  They were written in a vivid emotive narration and storytelling style that would transport the reader back to the journey, as if he was there himself, travelling with the writer. These journeys are told in 22 essays, some of which are:

  • Romance on the Trans Mongolian Express
  • On the Edge of the Sahara 
  • Kyoto- A City of Gardens & Temples
  • Discovering Tunis & Other Gems
  • Unforgettable Istanbul
  • Paradise of Sorts
  • Flying Wau Bulan 
Release dateJan 22, 2021
People & Places: Walk My Journey
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