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Daniel Oriel and the Coven
Daniel Oriel and the Coven
Daniel Oriel and the Coven
Ebook118 pages1 hour

Daniel Oriel and the Coven

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About this ebook

Talk about upping the ante... Now the kids get to fight back! The band succeed in ruining the Mayor’s evening and there’s a secret meeting caught on film, followed by a gripping climax on the roof of the Randolph Hotel. Flying fists – flying food – flying bullets...! It’s quite galling when public figures lose their job, only to move somewhere else and carry on doing – whatever they were doing? Well, that’s what’s happened, and now they’re trying to buy off our hero. The problem is, there’s a war on and Daniel’s in the thick of it. He and Kavanagh have had to grow up fast. Resignations, it seems, are not enough. Yes, this is a fight to the death. Attention! This book is scarier than the last one. Read it with caution...

Release dateDec 19, 2019
Daniel Oriel and the Coven

Oliver Franklin

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