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Ten Minute Author
Ten Minute Author
Ten Minute Author
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Ten Minute Author

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars



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About this ebook

What turns a writer into an author? Finishing.

Do you want to finish your manuscript?


Or, do you want to write more words in less time?


Ten Minute Author is a concise book describing a beautifully simple but powerful technique for creating a daily writing habit to finish your next manuscript. And the one after that.


Aimed at both the complete beginner and published authors who want to write more consistently, Ten Minute Author shows how a simple commitment to a daily writing practice can become the foundation of a successful career.


Drawing on his experience of writing daily for over three years, author Kevin Partner provides a complete blueprint for setting up your new habit, including downloadable resources, online templates and a 28-day challenge to begin your writing streak.


This is a short book about a simple habit with profound results.


Release dateJun 20, 2020
Ten Minute Author
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Kevin Partner

Kevin Partner has been programming computers since 1983 when he bought his first ZX Spectrum and learned BASIC. He's been a professional programmer since the mid 1990s and has been a contributer to PCPro Magazine since 1995. Kevin has an Honours degree in technology and has mastered dozens of programming languages. He is a massive advocate of the Raspberry Pi which he sees as the ideal gateway into programming

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