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Viral Storm
Viral Storm
Viral Storm
Ebook233 pages3 hours

Viral Storm

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About this ebook

Viral Storm is the second book in the Viral Series

If all Casey Williams had to worry about was getting away from the deadly genetically engineered virus unleashed in an explosion at the nearby Army Depot, she would be okay. If simply getting to the safe zone in Canada, away from the horror-factory otherwise known as BioGenetics would solve her problems, it would be easy enough. That had been her plan at the end of Viral Dawn (Book 1) before she was bitten by a raving zombie, infecting her with the same strain of virus that killed so many of her friends. Now, she would have to go back. Back to the unspeakably evil world of biogenetic research to get the newly developed vaccine. If all Casey had to worry about was a race against time with her life on the line, things would be simple. Book Two of The Viral Series.

Previously published under the pen name, Skyler Rankin.

Release dateNov 5, 2016
Viral Storm

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